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Film Spring WorkshopJuly 2018

UNIT9 at Film Spring Workshop

UNIT9, a global production partner for the world’s biggest brands is visiting our workshop and delivering a lecture and presentation of their VR and AR projects. UNIT9 is an interactive production company that creates innovative elements of global advertising campaigns for the world’s largest agencies and their clients. Their...
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CinebusJuly 2018

Crossing the borders. Summer Masterclass

The Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, the Film School in Lodz (PWSFTviT ) and Film Spring Open Foundation have joined their efforts and expertise to create a joint project across the borders. The result of this cooperation is The Summer Masterclass during which students from both of the film...
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Film Spring WorkshopJuly 2018

Borys Lankosz will teach screenwriting at the Film Spring Workshop.

Borys Lankosz, one of the most renowned Polish filmmakers will be a tutor of the screenwriting group at our 10-day film workshop in October. A graduate of the famous National Film School in Lodz, he made his debut in 2001 with a harrowing documentary Evolution about neglected patients of...
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Film Spring WorkshopJune 2018

Augmented reality cinematic experience group

This year Film Spring Workshop features various activities covering the AR i VR areas within its programme framework. We  would like AR and VR technologies to be incorporated in various projects, for instance documentaries or music videos, so working with these technologies would not be confined solely to the...
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