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New Model of Film PoductionFebruary 2018

New Model of Film Production. Part 2. New is born from the death of the old

The system, built over the years, is increasingly burdened by the lack of significant changes and works against future films and their producers. A young director, starting the film, is told that the budget is, let’s say, two million, but he does not know that 40% to 50% is...
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New Model of Film PoductionFebruary 2018

The New Model of Film Production. Introduction.

Film Spring Open Foundation offers many opportunities of career development for filmmakers and students of arts/film schools and aims to support and promote the audiovisual market in Poland and increase its competitiveness. Our workshops are based on modern approach to film making and venturing into the future in the...
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CinebusDecember 2017

Thank you for a great 2017!

As this year is about to end, we would like to thank all our Technology, Organizational and Media Partners, institutions and cities supporting us throughout the year, our great tutors, specialists and artists cooperating with us and last but not least, young filmmakers attending our numerous events in 2017....
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Film Spring WorkshopOctober 2017

What you should know before coming to the Film Spring Workshop 2017

The difference between the Film Spring Workshop and other festivals and typical workshops is that our educational program is focused on study work on film projects. Our partners provide equipment (cameras, light, computers and post-production programs) so that participants under the guidance of our tutors can test new techniques...
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