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CinebusApril 2020

Film production in the coronovirus era. Are we doomed to stay at home?

The following note describes the safe possibility of making low-budget films in small creative groups also during the epidemic… The low-budget films we are shooting in two weeks up to three months, and thus there is a possibility that the entire production group, after passing the coronavirus tests, could...
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Film Spring WorkshopOctober 2019

The Kissinger Twins will lead a masterclass at Film Spring Open 2019

The Kissinger Twins, a London-based directing duo will lead the masterclass “Cinematic Labyrinths – Interactive Non-Linear Storytelling 2002-2019” on Wednesday 23rd of October at Przegorzały. The digital revolution and interactivity changed most aspects of our life. How much did it affect storytelling and film? We have been working at...
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Bez kategoriiOctober 2019

Join the Video Games Group with Bloober Team!

Is it still a game, or a movie already? We invite you to join the Video Game Group which will be led by Maciej Antosiewicz, Lead Cinematic Artist from Bloober. Representatives of the gaming industry cannot be missing at Film Spring Open 2019! During the workshop, Bloober Team SA, a...
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Bez kategoriiOctober 2019

We invite to join Sony Xperia Youtubers Group at Film Spring Open 2019

Blogger Konrad Kruczkowski will lead Sony Xperia Youtubers Group at the Film Spring Open 2019. We invite everyone who wants to start a journey as an internet video creator! YouTube has become a platform to screen big premieres, show content transferred from television and cinema, and an important channel...
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