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Film Spring WorkshopNovember 2018

Character and Cartoon Animation in CINEMA 4D: 3 Case Studies – Fabian Rosenkranz at Film Spring Open Workshop 2018

Fabian Rosenkranz, a freelancing 3d animator, technical director and sculptor based in Berlin, presented some of his work as the starting point for the analysis of the functionalities of Maxon Cinema 4D. Fabian, who once wanted to be a comic book creator, loves character related work. He noted that...
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Film Spring WorkshopNovember 2018

The 13. edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop has come to an end. Thank you!

Our international and interdisciplinary film training, the Film Spring Open Workshop has come to an end. We would love to thank everyone who participated, supported and made this event possible to happen. Our Filmspringers’ family is growing every year and this October about 300 participants and dozens of members of...
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Film Spring WorkshopOctober 2018

Neil Corbould, a two-time Oscar winner  arrived to teach special effects in low-budget filmmaking and Ewa Puszczyńska, an Oscar winner for Ida gave a lecture on film debut – the third day of the Film Spring Workshop behind us.

For 10 days, a Polish city of Krakow is becoming our filming location. We will see the effects of your work during the final screening in a cinema specially built at the venue for the duration of the workshop. Our educational program incorporating the latest solutions in the audiovisual...
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Film Spring WorkshopOctober 2018

Make an animated music video for Siles, Zuza Jabłońska or Laboratorium.

Thanks to our Partner, Universal Music Polska, you will have a chance to work on a music video to one of their artists’ songs in animation group (tutor: Kamil Polak) or painting animation group (tutors: Daria Rzepiela and Tomasz Wełna). The Film Spring Workshop participants interested in such challenge...
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