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“You can draw anything and bring every idea and fantasy to life. The only limit is our imagination. This is how I make my
We are waiting for scripts for commercials that promote the cultural heritage and tourist values of the Malopolska region. We encourage the creation of
We’re thrilled to announce that the 19th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshops will take place from October 15-24, 2024, in Krakow. The
Film Spring Open is a “film-making festival”, workshops for young audiovisual artists, which will last from 10th-19th of October in Krakow.We teach using new
The central theme of 18th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop will be artificial intelligence.We invite you to join another group whose members
We have great news for all fans of the Grupa Filmowa Darwin! Marek Hucz and Jan Jurkowski, together with Martin Stankiewicz, will mentor the
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