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Film Spring WorkshopSeptember 2021

From participant to mentor. Maciej Kunach will supervise the Video Games Group!

We are starting a registration for the Video Games Group under the patronage of Bloober Team. This year the host will be Maciej Kunach, who started his adventure with game production at the Film Spring Open Workshop. Computer games as a space for filmmakers   During the workshops, participants...
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Film Spring WorkshopSeptember 2021

NUKE the Art of Visual Effects with Agata Nawrocka!

We are happy to announce recruitment to the NUKE the Art of Visual Effects Group. Agata Nawrocka will once again lead the participants through the meanders of the VFX. The “wow” effect is guaranteed! As a participant, you will be able to listen to Agata’s lecture and take part...
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Film Spring WorkshopSeptember 2021

The Commercial Film Group with Jan Cieślar as a mentor!

We announce recruitment to the next group during Film Spring Open Workshop 2021. You will learn the art of advertising film under the supervision of Jan Cieślar, who has won over 60 awards at the most important international and Polish advertising festivals. Photo by Daniel Rusin What to expect...
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Film Spring WorkshopSeptember 2021

Marcin Koszałka will supervise the Sony Venice Group!

We invite you to sign up for the Sony Venice Group at the Film Spring Open Workshop 2021. Marcin Koszałka will be its mentor this year. Habilitated doctor of film arts, cinematographer, screenwriter and film director. Awarded at festivals from Gdynia to Teheran. In his personal life: mountaineer, climber...
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