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The Film Spring Open Workshop – in person AV workshops

:clapper: The heart of the Film Spring Open Workshop – audiovisual workshops taking place in Krakow – are creative groups in which specific issues are worked on – from scriptwritting to visual effects. Each participant can sign up for a selected group and carry out their own project as well as participate in lectures, hardware workshops and film screenings. Registration will be open in June. The registration fee entitling to participate in the entire program of the ten-day workshop is PLN 400. –> More information – INFOPACK

💻 However, the the Film Spring Open is not only a short recurring event. We also give you the opportunity to develop your projects under the supervision of experts throughout the year during Online audiovisual courses and Iindividual consultations.



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The audiovisual

What we do

Film Spring Open Workshop is an interdisciplinary audiovisual, educational workshop, developed for 18 years now, directed at AV industry professionals and targeted at comprehensive, cyclical, professional and future-oriented film education for film directors, scriptwriters, actors, producers, set designers, sound technicians, and cinematographers, programmers, game developers, youtubers, computer designers, technicians developing new tools or accessories for production.

Every year, we develop an innovative programme in the direction of new tools’ influence on the language of audiovisual narrative. Thanks to the new equipment and expert consultations, our participants can experiment to improve their visual storytelling ability, try new formats and learn new technologies, as well as learn the methods of acquiring funds for the realization of projects.

Our education strategy is simple: Think about the future of the AV industry and learn by doing. This hands-on approach includes:

The development of the participants’ case study projects in Specialist professional groups with their own mentors in actual working conditions while utilizing the latest technology. In 2021, we were provided with 2,2 million Euro of equipment by the: Arri, Barco, Blackmagic, JBD, HP, Canon, Eizo, Sony, Panasonic and 37 others.
Lectures are delivered by award-winning speakers, including Oscar winners: Natalie Portman, Juliette Binoche, Allan Starski, Neil Corbould, Ewa Puszczyńska, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Mia Bays and more.

Film Spring Open Workshop 2022

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