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Explore YouTube with the Grupa Filmowa Darwin and Martin Stankiewicz!

We have great news for all fans of the Grupa Filmowa Darwin! Marek Hucz and Jan Jurkowski, together with Martin Stankiewicz, will mentor the Sony Xperia YouTubers Group during the 18th Film Spring Open Workshop. Participants will shoot their films using Sony Xperia 1 IV phones.

YouTube has become a place for high-profile premieres, TV and cinema transfers, and an important distribution channel. It allows for building a community around the creator and new models of financing work. Productions made on YouTube move, entertain, tell stories, engage and sell. During the workshops, we will talk about the behind-the-scenes of production, working on scripts and about how to implement them. We will also talk about the platforms themselves where you can freely publish your own content. And they can be done with both professional and beginner equipment

Grupa Filmowa Darwin: Marek Hucz i Jan Jurkowski

– say our tutors: members of Grupa Filmowa Darwin (Marek Hucz i Jan Jurkowski) with Martin Stankiewicz.

Grupa Filmowa Darwin runs a popular YouTube channel, creating humorous videos on various topics.Currently, the Darwins have 932,000 subscribers and 177 million video views.

The group was officially established on July 1, 2012.

It was founded by Jan Jurkowski and Marek Hucz, graduates of the Theater School in Krakow. Their name refers to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Ideas for creating films began to emerge during their studies, when future creators came up with various scenarios for entertainment.

Where to watch the Darwins?


Youtuber Martin Stankiewicz

Martin Stankiewicz: YouTuber with 1.24 million subscribers. His slogan is: “cinema techno adhd”, and his profile address on YouTube is: https://www.youtube.com/@martinstankievitz


Grupa Sony Xperia podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open 2022
Photo: Filip Błażejowski

All the details are avaliable HERE.

The 18th Film Spring Open is held in Krakow from 10th to 19th of October.

More information HERE.

Registration form HERE.

The Film Spring Open Workshop is celebrating its 18th anniversary. There will be no shortage of distinguished guests, group leaders and lecturers from the world of film. This group will include: Ewa Puszczyńska, Agnieszka Smoczyńska, Ilona Łepkowska, Justyna Pawlak (Watchout Studio) and Tomasz Bagiński. They will also be joined by a good friend of the Film Spring Workshop, Paweł Łoziński.

Watch the trailer of the Film Spring Open Workshop 2023!

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