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Sign up for an online masterclass in documentary filmmaking with renowned artist and award-winning director Pawel Lozinski. Consult and develop your idea for a
We would like to invite you to a practical online course with VFX specialist Agata Nawrocka, who has been leading the VFX effects group
We would like to invite you to a unique online course for those interested in practical training in film production taught by successful, talented
Sometimes a single course is not enough. That is why we invite you to sign up for a package of cinematography courses, which includes
Are you interested in film directing? Do you have projects to implement, but you feel stuck? Are you in need of mentoring and you
We invite you to an online course with Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska, who belongs to a small group of professional European journalists specializing in film music.
Do you remember that we are recruiting for an online 2D animation course with Tomasz Siwiński, the winner of the Krakow Film Festival for
Sign up for consultations and a course of quick material recording with Maciej Janicki from Creative Filming, a documentary filmmaker and creator of commercials,
Are you interested in film directing? Do you have a project to implement, but you are stuck at a dead end? Need a consultation?
Registration for the VR post-production course with Konrad Ziaja, founder and CEO of the CinematicVR start-up and an experienced lecturer at the Film Spring
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