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reż. Mariusz Wilczyński prowadzi kurs animacji w Krakowie podczas warsztatów dla branży audiowizualnej Plenerów Film Spring Open - festiwalu tworzenia projektów filmowych

Fall in love with animation with Mariusz Wilczyński!

As every year, we organize the Animation Group at the Film Spring Open Workshop. It will be mentored by one of our favorite mentors, painter, set designer and director of animated films, Mariusz Wilczyński. He will be accompanied by an assistant Natalia Durszewicz.

Each member of the Animation Group will work on their project using the technique of their choice and according to their own scripts. Before the Workshop, there will be an online meeting with Maestro, during which the students will present their ideas for screenplays. It will take place on October 3 at 6 p.m.

If you are interested, please let us know at: biuro@filmspringopen.eu

reż. Mariusz Wilczyński podczas wykładu
Photo: Filip Błażejowski

I fell in love with animation because it allows you to materialize the craziest ideas and beautiful dreams. If you want the same – join my group,

says Mariusz Wilczyński.


Mariusz Wilczyński: Polish animation director, performer, painter, professor at the Film School in Łódź. He learned the art of animation himself and has been making his own animated films since 1996. He had retrospectives of his films at the Museum of Modern Art MoMA in New York (2007), at the International Forum in Tokyo (2014), at the National Museum in Warsaw (2018) and in other places. His full-length animated film entitled “Kill it and Leave this Town”, on which he had been working for 14 years, had its world premiere in February 2020, the of. Currently, the artist is working on a new full-length animated film under the working title “Come to my funeral in a red dress”, the premiere of which is planned for 2027.

In 2007, the New York Times called Mariusz Wilczyński “one of the most important contemporary creators of artistic animation.”

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Natalia Durszewicz: animator, ilustrator, short film director. A graduate of Animated Film and Special Effects at the National Filmschool in Lodz. In 2023 she directed her animated debut “Wait for me in a dream”.

Join us!

Details avaliable HERE.

The 18th Film Spring Open is held in Krakow from 10th to 19th of October.

More information HERE.

Registration form HERE.

The Film Spring Open Workshop is celebrating its 18th anniversary. There will be no shortage of distinguished guests, group leaders and lecturers from the world of film. This group will include: Ewa Puszczyńska, Agnieszka Smoczyńska, Ilona Łepkowska, Justyna Pawlak (Watchout Studio) and Tomasz Bagiński. They will also be joined by a good friend of the Film Spring Workshop, Paweł Łoziński.

Watch the trailer of the Film Spring Open Workshop 2023!

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