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Bieg, maraton, dźwig Moviebird, Plenery Film Spring Open w Krakowie

The Film Spring Open Workshop – program of the 18th edition!

Film Spring Open is a “film-making festival”, workshops for young audiovisual artists, which will last from 10th-19th of October in Krakow.We teach using new AV equipment, in dedicated groups under the supervision of outstanding specialists.We will show the best films from the festival in Gdynia.Lectures will be given by well-known professionals.

On the occasion of our 18th anniversary, we want to ask: “Will artificial intelligence make movies for us?”

You will learn AI tools that can be used in the work of a producer, screenwriter, animator, effects creator or editor. The following people will talk about AI: Jacek Dukaj, Tomasz Bagiński, Jacek Nagłowski, Kamil Polak and Kobas Laksa.

Plakat 18 edycja Plenery Film Spring Open 2023 Jacek Nagłowski
Projekt plakatu – Jacek Nagłowski

For the 18th time, the Film Spring Open Workshop will help you implement your own projects in dedicated groups under the supervision of outstanding mentors. Such as:

  • Film Script Open Group – Ilona Łepkowska;
  • Arri Group: Camera as Emotion X-ray – Agnieszka Smoczyńska i Łukasz Gutt;
  • Animation Group – Mariusz Wilczyński supported by his assistant Natalia Durszewicz;
  • Artificial Intelligence Group in AV Media Jacek Nagłowski;
  • Sony Documentary Film Group Paweł Łoziński;
  • Help!!! How do I make my movie? PSC – ATM Cinematography Group Marcin Koszałka;
  • Piotr Woźniak-Starak Modern Film Production Group Marta Szarzyńska;
  • Green Commercials for Małopolska Group – Jan P. Matuszyński;
  • Canon Docudrama Group Mariusz Konopka & Robert Woźniak (Canon Polska);
  • “Get a Shot at the Future” Group – KIPA and Netflix Joanna Tatko;
  • CGI and Modern Editing Group Kamil Polak;
  • Interactive Narration Group Florent Pallares;
  • Virtual & Augmeted Reality Group Kobas Laksa;
  • Sony Xperia Youtubers Group Konrad Ziaja;
  • Bloober Team Video Games Group – Grupa Filmowa Darwin & Martin Stankiewicz;
  • Cinebus Green Team Group – Maciej Kunach;
  • Comica Music Videos Group Beata Marciniak i Sławomir Idziak.
Las, krakowskie Przegorzały, grupa ludzi i kamera Arri podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open
Photo: Filip Błażejowski/ FSO

We will show the best films from the festival in Gdynia: fragments of “Kos” by Paweł Maślona, selected scenes from “Peasants” by Dorota Kobiela-Welchman, “Tyle co nic” by Hubert Patynowski, “A Few Wonderful Minutes” by Grzegorz Dębowski, and also: “Silent Twins” by AgnieszkaSmoczyńska, “The Balcony Movie” by Paweł Łoziński, “The Cathedral” by Tomasz Bagiński, “Erynie” by Marcin Koszałka and “Skąd dokąd” by Maciej Hamela.

Lectures will be given by, among others: Ewa Puszczyńska and Joanna Pawlak, Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska, Kamil Staszowski and Sara Dobrzańska.

There will be workshops:

  • Sony – presentation of the Burano camera;
  • Canon – camera presentation;
  • DJI – cameras, gimbals and drones;
  • MovieBird – cranes;
  • Wavyrental – Camera Car;
  • Rejbel.Studio – color correction;
  • Hollyland, Yololive (Focus Nordic) – streaming;
  • Nanlite – light in film;
  • Cinema 4D – animation program;
  •  Crew United – networking and self-promotion;
  • Largo.AI – artificial intelligence for manufacturers.


Montażownia podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open, warsztatów filmowych w Krakowie
Photo: Filip Błażejowski/FSO

For the third time, we are also organizing the Wawel Hackathon – programming and filmmaking competition.There will also be the 5th edition of Green Film Open – a panel on ecological film production.

The cost of participation in the entire ten-day workshop program is PLN 400.

Join us!

The 18th Film Spring Open is held in Krakow from 10th to 19th of October.

Detailed schedule: HERE.

Registration form HERE.

The Film Spring Open Workshop is celebrating its 18th anniversary. There will be no shortage of distinguished guests, group leaders and lecturers from the world of film. This group will include: Ewa Puszczyńska, Agnieszka Smoczyńska, Ilona Łepkowska, Krzysztof Terej and Tomasz Bagiński. They will also be joined by a good friend of the Film Spring Workshop, Paweł Łoziński.

Watch the trailer of the Film Spring Open Workshop 2023!


The Film Spring Open Workshop 2023 was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, and the Municipality of Kraków. The project was implemented with financial support from the Małopolska Region. Financed by the PZU Foundation.

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