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Warsztaty filmowe online charakteryzacji SFX

Online make-up and bodypainting course

We are starting the registration for the online SFX make-up and bodypainting course, which will be tutored by the regulars of the Film Spring Open Workshop, Marian Folga and Wiktoria Wędzicha.

“During the workshop, we will combine theory with practice to pass on knowledge to beginners. You will learn the rules of work, and then we will move on to practical tasks. We would like participants to be able to work with us during the workshops. We will also talk about bodypainting and how it is used in film and make-up. We will show you how to work with a brush and a sponge and how to create simple and effective body paintings,”

says Marian Folga.

Photo by Filip Błażejowski

What will you learn during the online make-up course?

Among other things, how to create old-age make-up for the stage and how to make make-up wax!

Photo by Marian Folga

The group will also:

– discuss products for special effects (how to use them in practice and how to remove them);

– create special effects such as: burns, convex and concave wounds, scars, cut wounds, scratches and abrasions, blocking eyebrows;

– create zombie characters;

– apply simple make-up – optical illusions (how to paint a bruise, a wound, a scar to make them three-dimensional);

– make artificial blood.

Photo by Marian Folga

The tutors will share advice on how to make simple make-up without having the financial resources.

More INFO.

Join us!

Marian Folga: a multiple winner of Polish and international bodypainting championships, who has been working for the Film Spring Open Workshop for years. Graphic designer, photographer, director of the Dyemotion dance theater. Winner of the new talent show on TTV “Hear Us”.

Marian Folga artysta body painting prowadzi kurs filmowy charakteryzacji SFX online w ramach Film Spring Open

Wiktoria Wędzicha: 21-year-old make-up artist. She has won bodypainting championships in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ireland. Third in the world in facepainting at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria in 2022. Make-up artist at the Dyemotion dance theater and Teatr Rozrywki.

Wiktoria Wędzicha artystka body painting prowadzi kurs filmowy charakteryzacji SFX online w ramach Film Spring Open Online profesjonalnej edukacji dla branży audiowizualnej

We would also like to invite you to the Film Spring Open Online various courses in audiovisual arts, as well as a practical ten-day workshop for the AV industry Film Spring Open in Krakow!

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