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Warsztaty filmowe VR podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open w Krakowie dla młodych filmowców

Artificial Intelligence in Audiovisual Art. The online course & face to face meetings at the Film Spring Open Workshop

We invite you to the second edition of Jacek Nagłowski’s course on artificial intelligence! The first part of the classes will take place online, and the second, face to face, during the Film Spring Open Workshop in Krakow.

Over the past two years, there has been an unprecedented acceleration in the development of artificial intelligence systems, mainly generative models, capable of processing text, visual and audio information, which began to affect many areas of our lives and communication.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

The scale of phenomena that we are dealing with in 2023 has exceeded the imagination of even the most committed enthusiasts. In addition to the variety of applications of artificial intelligence, its cognitive abilities are stunning. The IQ of the GPT-4 system measured by various methods oscillates around 114 points, which is above the average human intelligence. Due to the possession of huge resources of human knowledge and cultural texts, most of the tests and exams that this system can face are solved at the level of the results of the best 10% of people. Other abilities of the system, such as the ability to create a theory of the interlocutor’s mind, the ability to deliberately deceive, and the ability to use tools amaze even its designers.

In the field of image, we have achieved full controllability of generated static images, but is controllability really our goal? Currently, the main direction of development has become the generation of video images. We are now where static images were about a year ago. The development of generative systems in the field of sound has also accelerated in recent months, bringing results closer and closer to professional applications.

Sztuczna inteligencja w sztuce audiowizualnej. Kurs online i podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open, Jacek Nagłowski Sztuczna inteligencja w sztuce audiowizualnej. Kurs online i podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open, Jacek Nagłowski

Photo: vnLab

What AI systems are currently most interesting for audiovisual production and how to work with these systems in the context of text, image, audio and video?

Jacek Nagłowski will try to find answers to these and related questions together with the participants of the online course. Virtual classes will become the starting point for workshops during the Film Spring Open Workshop in Krakow.

Estimated date of the course: August-September

Information about the programme.

Jacek Nagłowski - specjalista AI w sztuce audiowizualnej - kurs online

The 18th Film Spring Open is held in Krakow from 10th to 19th of October.

More information HERE.

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Jacek Nagłowski specjalista AI

Jacek Nagłowski: philosopher, film producer and director, researcher and creator in the field of new media. He has produced nearly thirty documentaries and feature films, most of them international co-productions awarded at international festivals (10 x Grand Prix). His documentary “Gugara” (producer, co-writer, co-director, editor) won, among others, the Bronze Lajkonik and the TVP Award at the Krakow Film Festival, was selected for the ACID section of the Cannes Film Festival and was purchased by the Paris Museum of Contemporary Art Centre Pompidou.

The company he co-founded, Circus Digitalis, develops 3D digital imaging solutions. Since 2015 he has been working on virtual reality issues. Together with Milenia Fiedler and Iwona Pomianowska, he initiated a project to study the language of cinematic VR at the Film School in Łódź. He has been working on issues related to artificial intelligence since 2021. He is currently working on an interactive VR experience “Conversations” co-created with various AI systems ranging from text, image, sound and space creation in the Unreal engine. The experience thematises the possibilities of coexistence and relationships between humans and AI systems.

Warsztaty filmowe VR podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open w Krakowie dla młodych filmowców
Photo: Film Spring Open

Remember that the Film Spring Open is not only the Workshop. Participants get the opportunity to develop projects under the supervision of experts throughout the year during online courses and individual consultations. E-learning assumes access to theoretical knowledge that can be used in practice during stationary workshops.Among the courses offered as part of Film Spring Open online, there are also classes in: documentary film with Paweł Łoziński, film production with Agata Szymańska, and SFX make-up with Marian Folga and Wiktoria Wędzicha etc.

Join us!

More information about the rules of participation can be found on our website.

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