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Mateusz Pacewicz - prowadzący kursy scenariuszowe w ramach Film Spring Open Online na gali Orłów

Scriptwriting online course with Mateusz Pacewicz

Do you have an idea for a plot, but you don’t know how to turn it into a movie script? We invite you to a virtual screenwriting course with the co-author of “Corpus Christi” and “The Hater”.

During the online meetings, Mateusz will share the original working methods and observations on screenwriting with the participants. The scriptwriter will look at participant’s story ideas and help develop them into feature-length films.

All participants will have the opportunity to probe out their intuitions with their tutor and each other in a workshop format. The group will work on:

  • a plot synopsis,
  • a ladder and detailed treatment
  • and a key dialogue scene in every project.

Uczestniczki Plenerów Film Spring Open, plan filmowy

Photo by Filip Błażejowski

As part of the course, there will be five 3-hour meetings, the first block of theoretical classes with the possibility of extending the session.

If you are interested in attending the course, please send an e-mail to biuro@filmspringopen.eu. The recruitment will be based on the selection of the best 1-sided feature film pitch containing:

  • logline (1-2 sentences)
  • film genre
  • plot outline (up to 12 sentences)

Join the course and expand your practical scriptwriting skills!

More info can be found HERE.

Mateusz Pacewicz scenarzysta, reżyser, producent kreatywny
Photo by Michał Sierszak

Mateusz Pacewicz: screenwriter, director, creative producer. Coauthor of two feature films – “Corpus Christi” and “The Hater” by Jan Komasa. The former was nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film in 2020 and won countless awards on festivals around the world. „ The latter was named the Best International Film of the Tribeca festival.

Pacewisz is a winner of many individual awards, including the Best Screenplay Award at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and the Eagles Award for the best screenplay and discovery of the year for “Corpus Christi”.

In 2020 Mateusz became the youngest artist in history nominated for the European Film Award for best screenplay. Member of the American, European and Polish Film Academy.

Mateusz Pacewicz na gali Orłów

Photo from Polskie Nagrody Filmowe Orły FB profile

Remember that the Film Spring Open is not only the Workshop. Participants get the opportunity to develop projects under the supervision of experts throughout the year during online courses and individual consultations. E-learning assumes access to theoretical knowledge that can be used in practice during stationary workshops.Among the courses offered as part of Film Spring Open online, there are also classes in: acting improvisations with Aleksandra Konieczna, documentary film with Paweł Łoziński, film production with Agata Szymańska, and SFX make-up with Marian Folga and Wiktoria Wędzicha etc.

Join us!

More information about the rules of participation can be found on our website.

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