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We are announcing recruitment for the 18th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop!

We are reaching majority this year! The Film Spring Open, an international workshop for young filmmakers, invites you to the 18th jubilee edition.Registration is open!

We invite you to Krakow from 10th to 19th of October to develop your own projects with the support of recognized technicians and artists, using free equipment worth PLN 12.5 million, which we have been receiving for years from 60 Technology Partners.

Artificial intelligence as a tool supporting the work of filmmakers is the number one theme of this year’s Workshop.

Montażownia podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open, warsztatów filmowych w Krakowie
Photo: Filip Błażejowski/FSO

What can you do at the Workshop?

The heart of practical workshops organized by the Film Spring Open Foundation are thematic groups whose participants work on their projects under the guidance of recognized artists and specialists.

This year you will be able to work in groups dedicated to:

  • feature, documentary, advertising, animated and musical films;
  • using the potential of new media: computer games, VR, AR and broadly understood interactivity;
  • modern film production, screenwriting, VFX, editing, lighting on the set, shooting techniques and make-up.
Pełna aula wykładowa na plenerach Film Spring Open
Photo: Filip Błażejowski/FSO

We also invite you to participate in competitions organized with the support of the Małopolska Region:

  • Green advertisement of Małopolska: a competition for the script of advertisements promoting the cultural heritage and tourist attractions of Małopolska;
  • Film Spring Open Wawel Hackathon: a programming and film competition aimed at creating interactive projects enabling modern visits to museums.

In addition, we organize masterclasses and screenings of award-winning films by outstanding artists and technicians.

Registration fee: PLN 400 (entitles you to participate in the entire program).

Register HERE!

Las, krakowskie Przegorzały, grupa ludzi i kamera Arri podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open
Photo: Filip Błażejowski/ FSO

Who can participate in the Workshops?

At the Film Spring Open Workshop you can acquire or polish the necessary professional qualifications and do the networking to build creative teams. For many years about 300 participants have been coming to us. They include: directors, operators, screenwriters, actors, producers, editors, sound engineers, composers, VFX specialists, animation creators, programmers, VR, AR as well as artificial intelligence (AI) specialists, YouTubers, costume designers, make-up artists, painters, technicians who want to work on film sets, film experts, programmers, graphic designers, game developers, video bloggers, stereographers and others.

What do former participants think about the Film Spring Open Workshop?

“Every year I am extremely grateful that there is such an initiative as FSO. [The workshop is] super organized, giving the opportunity to meet many people from various creative areas, learn from behind the scenes how things work and practically increase your

knowledge and skills. Plus the atmosphere of openness, curiosity, cordiality, creative energy […] is invaluable.”

“It was a great, very inspiring time. The opportunity to meet so many practitioners, great craftsmen, and outstanding artists in one place and at the same time is invaluable. On the other hand, the opportunity to meet other FSO participants, people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, also allows you to broaden your mental horizons and cognitive skills. And these contacts can stay with us for longer than the duration of the workshop. It’s a phenomenal opportunity.”

Bieg, maraton, dźwig Moviebird, Plenery Film Spring Open w Krakowie
Photo: Filip Błażejowski/ FSO

We invite you to visit our website and follow Film Spring Open social media. We will successively inform you about the details of the program of the 18th Film Spring Open Workshop.

The Film Spring Open Workshop 2023 was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, the Municipality of Krakow.

The project was implemented with the financial support of the Małopolskia Region and financed by the PZU Foundation.

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