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Online course with dir. Paweł Łoziński – How to make a documentary film?

Tutor:Pawel Loziński

Level: intermediate

Course language: Polish

Course duration: 4 two-hour meetings

Working days/weekend: working days

Number of people required to start the course: min.3

Course price: 3045 PLN


Sign up for an online masterclass in documentary filmmaking with renowned artist and award-winning director Pawel Lozinski. Consult and develop your idea for a documentary. Get artistic guidance on your idea and learn from the best!

The course, in addition to the 12 meetings (three hours each) will be enriched with opportunities for email consultations, reading your scripts, viewing already shot footage and layouts, which can also be done individually. This is intended to be a masterclass and therefore it is a condition of eligibility and attendance that each potential participant already has a documentary attempt of their own to their credit.

Pawel Lozinski writes:

“I invite you to come to class with a new idea that is in development, documented and with footage shot for it. I am keen for you to move forward with YOUR FILMS. I offer consultations, or a kind of artistic supervision of the documentaries developed under my guidance.
I will also offer you other short exercises during the course. I cordially invite you on a documentary journey!”

Please send your CV together with a link to your previous documentary film to biuro@filmspringopen.eu

We would also like to invite you to the Film Spring Open Online various courses in audiovisual arts, as well as a practical ten-day workshop for the AV industry Film Spring Open in Krakow!


Pawel Lozinski – polish director, cameraman and producer of documentary films. Graduate of the Directing Department at the Film School in Lodz. He lectures in documentary film direction at the National Film School in Lodz and Gdynia Film School. Author of more than 20 award-winning documentary films at international festivals. He makes distinct and emotionally charged documentaries about people of whom he draws intimate portraits. He is also the author of photography to many of his films. His films such as Birthplace, The way it is and the latest You Have No Idea How  Much I Love You are considered innovative as they venture into new thematic areas and explore uncharted spaces within the documentary film genre. In his films, he is interested in the intricacies of relationships, asks difficult questions about human existence, and, without compromising the dignity of his characters, breaks down barriers and taboos to show close-to-the-bone human issues . He pushes the boundaries of the genre by placing the camera where it is seemingly forbidden, in an often unexplored no man’s land.

His documentary debut earned him international recognition.

Birthplace (1992) about a Polish Jew Henry Grynberg looking for the murderer of his father. The film has won many prestigious awards including the Golden Gate Award at the SFIFF and the Vue sur les Docs Grand Prix in Marseille and New York Film Festival.

He worked as an assistant to Krzysztof Kieslowski on Three Colors: White. Based on the latter’s  concept, he made 100 Years in The Cinema (1995) for the renowned BFI series on the centenary of cinema.

His short film Sisters (1999), a 10-minute metaphorical black comedy about the lives of two elderly ladies, received awards including the prominent Cinema du Reel Grand Prix in Paris , Visions du reel Grand Prix in Nyon and the Golden Hobby-Horse Grand Prix at the Krakow Film Festival.

The full-length The way it is about the director’s friendship with his neighbors with whom he shares the same courtyard was a breakthrough in terms of the camera’s proximity to the hero. The film received the Golden Dove at the festival in Leipzig in 1999 and the Golden Hobby-Horse and Silver Dragon at Krakow Film Festival.

He received another Golden Dove at the Festival in Leipzig for the film Between the Doors made as part of the Across the border series in 2004.

Chemo (2008), which is an intimate portrait of people struggling against cancer, was the most acclaimed Polish documentary of 2009. It received more than 15 awards including the Prix Europa for Best European Television Film in Berlin in 2009 and MDR Television Award for Best Eastern European Documentary at DOC Leipzig in 2009.

Personal and courageous film about his difficult relationship with his father, Father and Son (2013) was bestowed the St. George Award for Best Film Documentary at the 35th International Film Festival in Moscow in 2013, the Silver Horn for Best Documentary Film at the Krakow Film Festival and the main prizes in Tehran and Minsk.

Selected filmography:

2016 You Have No Idea How Much I Love You – script, direction, production

2013 Father and Son – script, direction, phototgraphy, production

2008 Chemo – script, direction, production

2004 Between the Doors – script, direction, production

1999 The way it is – script, direction, phototgraphy, production

1999 Sisters – script, direction, phototgraphy, production

1996  A 100 years in the Cinema – script, direction

1992 Birthplace – script, direction

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