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OPEN CALL for Film Spring Workshop 2018

We are currently accepting applications for our Film Spring Workshop. Sign in and join the biggest event of filmmaking in Europe!

Our workshop, a 10-day international, interdisciplinary film training, will take place in Krakow, Poland, 17-26 October 2018.

Building on proven educational strategy of learning by doing, the newest film equipment and a highly experienced expert team that have been the cornerstone of our success for 13 years, our Film Spring Workshop is perfect for filmmakers wishing to experiment and improve their visual storytelling ability, try new formats and learn new technologies.

The Programme of the workshop

Each year we develop carefully an innovative programme which reflects our hands-on approach to teaching and venturing into the future of AV industry.

With the support of mentors you can develop your film projects using the latest technology in a specialized group of your choice: VR & AR, interactive narration, script writing, animation, feature film previses, new production model, CGI and modern editing, commercials, music videos, documentaries, Selfie TV, keeping control in extreme filming conditions, web filmmakers and videobloggers group.

In 2017, we provided our participants with 2,2 million Euro of equipment delivered by the: Arri, Barco, Blackmagic, JBD, HP, Canon, Eizo, Sony, Panasonic and 37 others.

You will have at your disposal a unique mobile film studio built by our Foundation – Cinebus aimed at lowering film production costs and allowing more films to be made by emerging artists. During the workshop we will also introduce the new production model which takes into account the technological advancements and possible or even necessary changes in the way films can be produced nowadays.

Cinebus z wysuwaną zewnętrzną markizą
Fot. Film Spring Open

The workshop also features:

  • lectures and workshops from award-winning top professionals, including Oscar winners such as previous editions’ lecturers: Natalie Portman, Juliette Binoche, Neil Corbould, Mia Bays, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Allan Starski, Ewa Puszczyńska,
  • screenings of the selected, awarded films,
  • discussions with their makers,
  • one-to-one tutorials,
  • learning and testing of new technologies.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

You will have at your disposal a film equipment warehouse, a lighting warehouse, an editing room with high-tech workstations, a screening room. There is a limited number of accommodation at the venue. Food will be also available.

Thanks to the various insitutional funding, including Creative Europe support, there is only about 80 Euro (350 PLN) participation fee. Food, accommodation and travel costs are not covered by the fee.

Our workshop is open to representatives of all professions from the industry from across the globe: directors, cinematographers, actors, writers, editors, specialists in digital effects and post-production, programmers, animators, graphic designers, game developers, producers, composers, musicians, artists, sound engineers, body painting specialists, MUA, YouTubers. We welcome young debutants, film and art students and graduates, young entrepreneurs as well as experienced professionals working in the audio-visual sector. The workshop is suitable for teams wanting to work on their films or individuals wanting to find collaborators for their projects.

Neil Corbould, dwukrotny zdobywca Oscara na Plenerach FSO. Zdjęcie: Filip Błażejowski
Neil Corbould, two-time Oscar winner at last year’s Film Spring Workshop. Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Our workshop is known for its proven educational formula of learning through working, surprising experimental quality of work produced by the participants during the 10 intensive days of training and an amazing community it generates.

Plenery Film Spring Open. Fot. Filip Błażejowski
Arri workshop. Film Spring Workshop. Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Join our Filmspringers family to learn, work and network within the international community of filmmakers who gather each year in one place to advance their practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge.

More about the workshop and programme here.

To register for Film Spring Open please fulfill the online application here.


Facebook event.

Call for applications closes on the 5th of October.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

View from the workshop venue, Przegorzały. Photo: Monika Mamoń
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