Subject of FIlm Spring Open Workshop 2020:

New model of film production

Film Spring Workshop

Film Spring Open Workshop is an interdisciplinary educational workshop, developed for 14 years now, directed at AV industry professionals and targeted at comprehensive, cyclical, professional and future-oriented film education for film directors, scriptwriters, actors, producers, set designers, sound technicians, and cinematographers, programmers, game developers, youtubers, computer designers, technicians developing new tools or accessories for production. It offers workshops and lectures from award-winning top professionals, film screenings and meetings with film directors, one-to-one tutorials, learning and testing new technologies.


Lectures are delivered by award-winning speakers, including Oscar winners: Natalie Portman, Juliette Binoche, Allan Starski, Neil Corbould, Ewa Puszczyńska, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Mia Bays and more. Most importantly, during the Workshop its participants can make their films using the best equipment available on the market.

The development of the participants’ case study projects in Specialist professional groups with their own mentors in actual working conditions while utilizing the latest technology. We were provided with 2,5 million Euro of equipment.



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Dom Gościnny Wolski (Przegorzały)/ Guest House Wolski (Przegorzały)
Polska, Kraków, Małopolska
ul. Jodłowa 13
30-252 Kraków




From the beginning of Film Spring Open Workshop, we have been trying to create an international melting pot of innovation. A large number of interdisciplinary participants, well-known lecturers and group tutors, as well as representatives of the industry from various fields of audiovisual work and industry build an ideas exchange platform and incubator in one place for 10 days and establish professional relations which will have an impact on the participants’ professional future and the development of the industry.
Every year we update our interdisciplinary, future-oriented educational programme for market novelties, so that the skills developed by our participants make them effective in the European and international work place. Moreover, the future-oriented education at the Film Spring Open is not limited to theoretical lectures and analysis.

At Film Spring Open Workshop, we predominantly work in multidisciplinary teams, under supervision of specialists. The multidisciplinary character of our project aids the process.
The workshop also features:

-lectures and workshops from award-winning top professionals, including Oscar winners such as previous editions’ lecturers: Natalie Portman, Juliette Binoche, Neil Corbould, Mia Bays, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Allan Starski, Ewa Puszczyńska,
-screenings of the selected, awarded films,
– discussions with their makers,
-one-to-one tutorials,
– learning and testing of new technologies.



Our education strategy is simple: “learn by doing”. This hands-on approach includes: Outstanding lectures led by award-winning speakers, including Oscar winners like Natalie Portman, Juliette Binoche, Allan Starski, Neil Corbould, Ewa Puszczyńska, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Mia Bays and many more.


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Guest House Wolski / Przegorzały (Film Spring Open-Air location) lies 5 kilometers (about 3 miles) away from the center of Kraków...


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