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Warsztaty kolorkorekcji z  Konradem Zięcinąz Rejbel.Studio, Plenery Film Spring Open 2022, warsztaty filmowe w Krakowie

REJBEL.STUDIO will host color correction workshops

We invite you to the workshop “Color correction in cinematography: color perception and modern visual conventions” conducted by Konrad Zięcina and Tomasz Czech from REJBEL.STUDIO! They will take participants on a fascinating journey through the world of color perception, the language used by an experienced colorists and modern visual conventions, perfectly suited to the film medium. This is a unique opportunity to explore the secrets of colors and learn about their extraordinary impact on perception and communication in the film context.

During these workshops, you will discover how the human brain interprets colors and how different color combinations can evoke emotions and associations in viewers. Together with the instructors, you will explore the biological basis of color perception and understand why some colors are associated with warmth and others with coolness – which is a key element in the process of color improvement of films.

Warsztaty kolorkorekcji z Konradem Zięcinąz Rejbel.Studio, Plenery Film Spring Open 2022, warsztaty filmowe w Krakowie
Photo: Filip Błażejeowski

We will not limit ourselves only to theory. We will move on to practical examples: on specific film scenes, we will show how to use color correction techniques to achieve the desired effects, inspired by cinema classics. You will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how the selection of colors affects the final appearance of the film and its message,

announce Konrad Zięcina and Tomasz Czech from REJBEL.STUDIO.

Color correction workshops are also a journey through the world of contemporary visual conventions in cinematography. Participants will take a closer look at characteristic film “looks” and learn from specific examples what elements make up their unique style. By analyzing selected examples of films, they will discover how color correction affects the final visual effect and affects the viewer.

Warsztaty kolorkorekcji z Konradem Zięcinąz Rejbel.Studio, Plenery Film Spring Open 2022, warsztaty filmowe w Krakowie
Photo: Filip Błażejeowski

We invite you to participate in our workshops, where learning intertwines with inspiration. You will learn the secrets of colors, learn to recognize and name characteristic elements in film color correction, and above all, you will be able to use this knowledge in practice. It is not only an opportunity to expand your skills, but also the opportunity to discover the magical world of colors, which opens up unlimited possibilities of expression and creativity in film art,

add the hosts.

Konrad Zięcina: a film colorist based in Cracow, Poland. Member of Colorist Society International (CSI) and Polish Society of Film Colorists (PSFC). Founder of the post-production studio REJBEL.STUDIO.

His work earned him three nominations in the Colorist Awards gala to the following categories: commercial, short-film and documentary film. The films he works on are appreciated at Polish and international festivals every year. He can perform color grading in Dolby Vision, HDR and ACES, make broadcast files to all stations and VOD services (Canal +, Netflix, HBO, etc.). He also shares his experience as a lecturer at the AMA Film Academy in Krakow.

Konrad performs color grading for feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, TV series and short films. His portfolio is available in the Polish film database: filmpolski.pl and on IMDB.‍

Tomasz Czech: he is really into colours! He dives into them physically and mentally. He has specialised in HDR technology for years and is a Certified Dolby Vision Specialist. He colours commercials, music videos and TV productions and is keen to contribute as a Certified Blackmagic Design Trainer in all available specialisation.

He is an associate member of the Colourist Society International, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and he is a Certified Professional Video Alliance Specialist. He cares about the work environment so that the image you see in our studios and our remote reference monitoring set is always flawless and at the highest reference level.Reklama firmy Rejbel.Studio

Join us!

The 18th Film Spring Open is held in Krakow from 10th to 19th of October.

More information HERE.

Registration form HERE.

Watch the trailer of the Film Spring Open Workshop 2023!



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