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Film Spring WorkshopApril 2014

What does Open Air mean?

What is exactly Film Spring Open Air?
En plein air is a French expression which means “in the open air” and is particularly used to describe a group of artists that jointly carry out an artistic program and live together in a selected location.

Film Spring Open Air is an interdisciplinary filmmaking workshop attended every year by around 200 young people from across Europe i.e. Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Norway, Finland and Sweden. We give a fresh, young, modern approach to the audiovisual industry, which stimulates its development. We believe that the world of cinema needs a flourishing and continuous spring. Hence “Film Spring”. And “Open”? We are open to people, ideas and opportunities!

We look towards the future.
The future of film is a combination of skills of artists and technicians from different fields of art and science. We create an explosive mix by integrating representatives of all professions from the audiovisual industry. The film industry has not kept pace with technological changes and theory is not enough. Therefore, we focus on practice and improve previously acquired skills so that young directors, cinematographers, actors, writers, editors, specialists in digital effects and post-production, painters, sculptors, body painting specialists, programmers, animators, graphic designers, game developers, producers, composers, musicians, artists, sound engineers under the supervision ofspecialists can work together to develop their ideas and make films.

Learning through working.
”Learning through working” – the three words could summarize our philosophy and activities. You come to Krakow, Poland where equipment, software and above all outstanding professionals are waiting for you who want to help you. We work in groups to be able to share each other skills. You can apply with your crew or individually or join groups created by us.

How does it look like?
We meet in Krakow, Poland to make films. How does it work in practice? To start with please watch our latest making-of from last year, but the best thing is to come and check it yourself. This year we meet in Krakow from 1st to 10th October. You can join us now!

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