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The Summary of the Film Spring Workshop Programme 2017

We start on 19th of October in Przegorzaly University Campus in Krakow. We are constantly growing! This year we are supported by 40 technological partners and we have received the biggest number of applications ever!

New Production Model will be a number 1 topic during this edition. This subject is with us for the last 3 years and during this time we have managed to create Cinebus – a tool of New Production Model.
We are focused on future of the industry that’s why we will start with the screening of „Gravity”. An Oscar winner VFX specialist, Neil Courbuld who worked on this film will join us this year! Dorota Kędzierzawska and Artur Reinhard will show and talk about the technique of realization of the action scenes from the movie “Speedway”, and Jakub Jakubczyk will present the Elit head, which allowed making these scenes. During other lectures, Stanisław Mąderek and Marcin Randall Nowakowski will prove that visually complex action scenes can also be made in a low budget productions.

We will present the award-winning and highly rated films that have premiered at the Gdynia Film Festival: “Silent Night”/Cicha Noc, “The Tower. A bright day “/Wieża. Jasny dzień,” The Man with a magic box “/Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem. These films’ directors: Jagoda Szelc, Piotr Domalewski, Bodo Kox will tell us about production of their films. The actor Dawid Ogrodnik, awarded at Gdynia Film Festival for the best male role, will be also our guest and besides “Silent Night”, we will also show  the awarded film “The Last Family” in which he also starred. It is worth mentioning that the scriptwriter of “The Last Family” Robert Bolesto, will lead our Script Group. He will lead this group along with Krzysztof Rak. We will show the documentary film “Brothers” and Wojciech Staroń, the director of the film will consult participants’ ideas for documentary films together with Bogdan Dziworski. We will also host Marcin Koszałka, who will lead the lecture about cinema as an auto-therapy and will show his films: “To the pain” and “Declaration of immortality”.

The list of this year’s lecturers includes: Program Director of TVN television Edward Miszczak (Emotions in TV Series), Christian Möller and Konrad Ziaja (VR technology), Internet creators, Konrad Kruczkowski, Kuba Górnicki and Daniel Rusin, scriptwriter Krzysztof Rak, director Marcin Ziębiński (commercials), audio-visual systems specialist Piotr Ługowski. Cinematographer Sławomir Idziak will present the New Model of Production during the Symposium.

21st-22nd October will take place a Symposium devoted to the New Model Production subject, and the support of the event has been confirmed by: Canon, HP, CamSat, Gmotion, UAV Robotic, Akurat Lighting, Samsung, Movie Bird, GLC, Creative Tools, Beiks, MBS Sp. z o.o. , BlackMagic, Digital Republic, Adicam, DJI.

On the occasion, there will be presentations of modern equipment manufactured in Poland. Some of these tools will also be available to our participants (MovieBird 17, Elit head constructed by Jakub Jakubczyk, drones, gimbals, Akurat led lightning, etc.)

Rapidly developing industry allows the production of scenes and films that were impossible to made not that long time ago. We keep our fingers on the pulse, pointing out areas, where quality and price revolution is taking place – as in the case of Motion Capture and Perception Neuron system, about which Jacob Ben will tell in his lecture.

Our partner and provider of the Cinema 4D program for all the computers available at the workshop is Maxon company, which invited to the Film Spring Open Matthias Zabiegly (Aixsponza) – an excellent animator (films for Red Bull).

The new ARRI Alexa SXT Wireless camera with the option of wireless image transfer will be premiered in Poland at Film Spring Open. Besides of ARRI, participants will be able to use cameras from: Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Black Magic, RED, Go Pro, Samsung phones and a lot of other equipment, and above all, two editor rooms (in Cinebus and editor room equipped with HP computers with Adobe software provided by Graficzne.pl company). Lux will provide set lightining and professional support. MBS Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) will provide professional sound systems  from Schoeps, Azden and ZOOM.

Creative Groups
Most of the participants choose to join our creative groups and make their films. This year, we invite you to participate in the following gropus: Script Group (Robert Bolesto, Krzysztof Rak, Marcin Lech), Symposium of the new production model (Slawomir Idziak), Previs Group (Jakub Ben), Commercial and Promo Film Group (Marcin Ziębiński, Jakub Marczyński), Game Jam – game developers and filmmakers  (Maciej Miąsik, Jacek Strupiński), Interactive Narration Group (Florent Pallares, Adam Walkowski), Virtual Reality Group (Konrad Ziaja), Documentary Film Group (Bogdan Dziworski, Wojciech Staroń), CGI and Modern Editing Group (Jakub Sobek) , Music videos (Michał Pańszczyk), Internet Creators Group (Marcin Randall Nowakowski), Samsung Vloggers (Daniel Rusin), Off Master (Wiktor Obrok), Nature Film Group (Maciej Thiem, Tomasz Gładys), Keeping Control in Extreme Filming Conditions (Martn Demmer), Film Incubator (Andrzej Szypulski).

Allegro Competition
A great bonus to this year’s edition is Allegro competition, where participants can win scholarships, which gives them free stay on the workshop and possibility to make films referring to the series “What are you looking for” and “Polish Legends”.

The Summary of the program is also published on our website: https://filmspringopen.eu/en/open-air-programme/ We will also publish there our Daily Programme, so please stay tuned!

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