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The latest technologies, talking Virtual Hologram and mind-tripping experiences in VR – our Special Guests: James E. Marks & Chris Szkoda from DoubleMe (London)

Film Spring Workshop has always embraced the latest technologies and this year’s choice of our Special Guests reflects this approach.

We are very happy to welcome James Edward Marks and Chris Szkoda from DoubleMe (Microsoft HoloLens), but we should also say hi to the Virtual Hologram, which you will be able to talk to for the first time in Poland!

James E. Marks, sometimes described as visionary provocateur, tech tinkerer & trippy hippy “zippy!” tells us what you might expect from them:

60s psychedelic guru, Timothy Leary, updated the infamous phrase ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’, at the turn of the internet age into ‘turn on, boot up, jack in’ to reflect the power of technology to give us out of-this world, mind-tripping experiences.

Get ready to leave the real world behind… faaar behind… and jack in to the virtual space of LoopSpace & PsychFi, The Finest Pop Culture Reference & Social Good Mixed Reality Experiences.

Artist’s archive

DoubleMe provides a novel 3D capture system, HoloPortal™, that converts 2D videos into dynamic 3D models in real-time for various 3D content markets (e.g. game, 3D animation, VR/AR, 3D printing).

James E. Marks and Chris Szkoda will lead  presentations of virtual holograms VR DoubleMe at the workshop venue from Thursday, 18th till Friday, 19th. Thursday they will give a lecture entitled: 2K18 A Mixed Up Reality Oddity. A Trip Into DIY Sub / Pop Culture Reference & Social Good Mixed Reality Experiences (MR) worlds. After their lecture, for the first time in Poland you will be able to talk with VIRTUAL HOLOGRAM!

Chris Szkoda will stay with us till Saturday so you can expect even more presentations.

James E. Marks also funded #Hackstock, written about by the Oxford University Press:

By presenting sci-fi & counter-culture ideas alongside these emerging new technologies, #Hackstock is encouraging questioning, repurposing & dreaming & as we enter a brave new world of pervasive augmented & mixed realities, that could be a very important thing.

Artist’s achive

James E. Marks DoubleMe, Co-Founder & PsychFi, Hackstock Founder & CosmoØ. An award-winning new media arts pioneer, social video for good maker & mixed reality experiences creator, curator & speaker. With 30 years of experimental knowledge & hands-on experience with “Pop Culture Reference Experiences & Events”.

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