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Film Spring WorkshopAugust 2018

Make yourself a movie poster. A film graphics group

This year we have a totally new course for you. We have entered into yet another field of creative industry and initiated a group that will both boost your creativity and provide you with a great means of promoting your work – a movie poster.

A film graphics group will work under the supervision of Prof. Maja Wolna, the author of this year’s Film Spring Workshop’s poster.

The group participants will work on large format boards prepared in the courtyard of the workshop venue, where they will design posters promoting their own or selected films. The projects will be consulted by Maja Wolna who will also lead all other activities within the group.

The ability of logical, abstract thinking is essential in the process of working on audiovisual projects. The search for the connection between the image, content and form of the message, the story about the film itself and its plot is directly reflected in thinking about the symbol / poster / logo of the project – the artist says about the general idea of the course.

Prof. Maja Wolna Photo: Marian Dziduch

Professor Maja Wolna will be present during the entire Film Spring Workshop and will also support you when you will be designing titles, opening and closing credits of your film. Working with the group’s tutor will be based mainly on individual consultations and short exercises aimed at developing synthetic thinking.

– Creating based on developing the skills of synthetic, metaphorical thinking can influence in an inspiring and effective way the search for ideas in the field of audiovisual projects, as well as the very description of the plot of the film – for example when writing a director’s draft.
Such exercises can be implemented before the implementation of tasks within individual film groups or individual audiovisual projects – says Prof. Wolna.

Undoubtedly, the skill of symbolic thinking is of great importance for a filmmaker and it is needed at every stage of creative process, from writing a script, through building scenes or editing, not forgetting about colouring or making a soundtrack. And the ability to create a concise and witty description of your project, which is rooted in symbolic thinking, will be useful at an even earlier stage – when looking for a producer and financial resources to make your film.

Prof. Maja Wolna Photo: Marian Dziduch

Prof. Maja Wolna is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (currently the University of Arts in Poznań), where she runs Graphic Design classes within Animation faculty and runs the Film Graphics Studio at the Animation Department of UAP. She also works at WSISiZ – WIT in Warsaw at the Faculty of Graphic Arts and at the College of Photography in Warsaw. Winner of various international competitions, participant of group and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Maja Wolna creates posters, illustrations, collages, paintings and experiments with new means of artistic expression.

Film Spring Open 2018 Poster by Maja Wolna
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