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Join Game Jam group!

GAME JAM Trailer!

We would like to keep you up to date with what’s going on in film industry. One of the creative groups at Film Spring Open Air is GAME JAM. The coordinator of this creative group is Maciej Miąsik – programmer, producer, developer, one of the founders of the video games industry, the interactive entertainment industry in Poland!

Game Jam is an interdisciplinary group of interactive storytelling, which combines the world of film with the world of computer games. If you are a representative of the film industry – you will learn new techniques of digital interactive content and what tools to use. However, if you are a game developer – you will learn in this group the art of storytelling to trigger viewer’s emotions.

Our pioneer Game Jam group prepared a trailer of their project! Trailer cooperation between Kas Zawadowicz (director) and Jakub Sobek, Radikal Studio (edit, VFX, motion design). A must see!

If you want to create a film that at the same time will be a game, or create a game that will be a film, join this group! Start making what you are really dreaming of. You can work with professionals from around the world during one of the most innovative and open-minded training projects in this part of Europe! An application is one step away!

Apply with your film crew or individually!

Call for creative groups till June 6th

Call for individual registration till September 5th

Join us! Just send a brief description of your idea to our Film Spring Open producer at: gosia.tusk@filmspringopen.eu.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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