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How to create and promote content with your phone? Sony Xperia Group

Krzysztof Ochman, author of commercials and documentary films will be the mentor of the Sony Xperia Group. How to Create and Promote Content with Your Phone.

A great image will never make up for a bad story. The aim of the group is to develop storytelling skills and find your own visual language using a mobile phone.

Photo by Daniel Rusin

We live in a time of dynamic development of social media. Short, specific and interesting productions enjoy the best results. To retain the viewer, we often have only a few seconds. The pen of the 21st century is the telephone, we always have it at hand and, if used well, it allows us to create.

As a group we will record one longer film together. We will create materials for the promotion of this film, i.e. photos and rolls with descriptions. In addition, we will learn how to create short mobile video forms with stories inside. We will get used to storytelling using the phone. To create a story you need to keep your eyes open, your ears alert and your phone in hand, because it is this phone that allows us to record stories every day.

We will use emotions, dynamics and assembly procedures that make our storie  coherent and attractive, and, what is most difficult,  we will select material for short forms in order to learn to cut the elements that do not contribute anything

– announces the mentor.

Photo by Filip Błażejowski

Krzysztof Ochman: author of commercials and documentary films. He knows what to do for the film to fulfill its function. On a daily basis associated with Neuro Projekt, where he is responsible for strategy, communication and the visual zone. He has always adhered to the principle that what counts is the development of skills, faith in your own abilities, and action, despite the fact that we do not know everything yet. In documentary form, he appreciates the fact that he walks into the center of events and, as an observer, can present someone else’s story. In other forms, he sees opportunities to say something important, beautiful or interesting thanks to an appropriate story synchronized with the image. He created a group that won the award for the best director at the “48 Hour film project” festival. Co-author of the document “Artur Guma” awarded with prizes, among others, for the Best Polish Film and the Audience Award in the KFG Film Competition in Krakow.

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Registration for the Film Spring Open Workshop HERE.

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