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Film Spring WorkshopSeptember 2020

Bloger Konrad Kruczkowski will lead Internet Creators Group

Konrad Kruczkowski, blogger, journalist and communication expert will lead Internet Creators Group at Film Spring Open 2020. Classes will take place online at Google Meet platform. Practical work will take place thanks to our befriended rentals which will share film equipment to film crews accepted by the group tutor in Warsa, Cracow and more. Group is supported by Fundacja PZU.

A film, regardless of its form, genre and place of publication, may tackle some important issues: raise social problems, address challenges to our civilisation, show groups vulnerable to exclusion or portray individuals who have impact on our lives. Our group will help you create such a film. Group participants will learn how to search for topics and heroes, how to transfer social problems into the world of video, how a socially-engaged film should be constructed and what elements it should include. Most of all, we want to explain how to give the viewers some food for thought, slightly disturb them, raise questions, encourage reflection and provoke a desire to make a change. – says Konrad Kruczkowski.

Konrad Kruczkowski. Photo: Agata Maziarz

Konrad Kruczkowski – blogger, reporter. Winner of the awards: Blog of the Year 2013, twice Blog Forum Gdańsk Award for Blogger Socially Responsible. For the reportage “We are deaf” honored with the “Newsweek” Teresa Torańska Award. For the reportage on parenthood and exclusion, he was nominated for the Journalists of Małopolska Award and awarded the statuette of the Social Campaign of the Year 2016. Author of the books “Hello Human. Talks about what is important” and the collection of reportages “Halo Dad “. He manages the Communication Department at the Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Box Foundation ).


Group is supported by Fundacja PZU


Photo: Filip Błażejowski
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