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Augmented reality cinematic experience group

This year Film Spring Workshop features various activities covering the AR i VR areas within its programme framework.

We  would like AR and VR technologies to be incorporated in various projects, for instance documentaries or music videos, so working with these technologies would not be confined solely to the creative groups specializing in this subject.

One of  the groups dedicated to the AR technology at the Film Spring Workshop is augmented reality cinematic experience group.

Wojciech Szczerba, a VR Storyteller at CinematicVR s well as a production manager, scriptwriter and director of short documentaries will be the tutor of the group. With his interest in immersive film experience at the crossroads of art and new technologies and experience in interactive storytelling, he will engage the group’s participants in creating experimental film experience in Augmented Reality (AR).

Thanks to the mobile application provided, AR technology will allow to see elements and scenes prepared by the group placed in real space (POKEMON GO being the best known example of this technology) in any phone or tablet (compatible with AR) with a built-in camera and Android system. Scenes can consist of both 2D/3D graphic elements, characters recorded on the green screen as well as recorded and edited video and audio – their usage, quality and complexity defined by the scenario and technology.

The group is open to 2D and 3D graphic designers, motion designers, editors, cinematographers as well as screenwriters, UX designers, sound producers and fans of all mobile applications and computer games.

The aim of the group’s activities is to create a short experimental film composed of several scenes set in various places in a hotel in Przegorzały, which is the venue of the workshop, the only place possible to see through our application. The application will be available to all participants of our Workshop. Also, the production of a making-of documenting the group’s work is planned.

The participants of the group will have an impact firstly on the scenario of the experience itself, and then on creating the remaining elements of the scenes: mostly 2D/3D graphics, animation, but also acting footage and above all, a captivating short script. This is not a typical film production – the effect is to be film experience based on a mobile application, which imposes a lot of restrictions but also allows to combine visual art with technology and new media in an innovative way.

In practice the activities will consist of:

1. Getting to know the  technology;

2. Working on the scenario according to the imposed framework and technological capability;

3. Production of particular scenes: creation of 2D / 3D elements, recording of acting footage and voice- over, video editing;

4. Simultaneous work on the AR application;

5. Tests, tests, tests.

Wojciech Szczerba, the tutor of the augmented reality cinematic experience group.
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