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NUKE the Art of Visual Effects with Agata Nawrocka!

We are happy to announce recruitment to the NUKE the Art of Visual Effects Group. Agata Nawrocka will once again lead the participants through the meanders of the VFX. The “wow” effect is guaranteed!

As a participant, you will be able to listen to Agata’s lecture and take part in practical workshops.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Photos by Filip Błażejowski

Compo hocus-pocus and the invisible VFX’s that is visual effects in your EVERY movie

“Have you ever wondered, what each of your films could look like, if we put a composting spell on it? What could you save, and what could you visually gain, if it was guided by VFX specialists already at the pre-production stage and on the set itself?

As VFX creators, we make a real contribution to how the viewer feels the movie. Although often invisible, our work affects emotions and the reception of the image. Everyday life is a craftsmanlike oscillation between how long will it take and yes, we accept it“, says Agata Nawrocka.

“However, we never forget why we love to charm the picture so much. And now, nawROCKa will tell you more about the magic that makes things disappear, transform, strengthen or create a wow effect” – she adds.

Agata Nawrocka /Fot. Jakub Wittchen

Group title: We’ll fix it in post

Subtitle: Client Approved: VFX’s sprint into advertisement job

“Do you watch AfterEffects tutorials more than Netflix? Are you much more interested in commercials than shows on TV? In your free time, you love watching VFX Breakdown, and when standing in a traffic jam, you are dreaming of increasing your skills and entering the pro world of Nuke nodes?

If so, then…

…this group is totally for you! nawROCKa will prepare you to work as a Motion Designer /Compositing Artist at the Junior /Middle level. She will give you some tips for efficient work, will tell you how to stop fires in projects, and how to go easy ease on graph nodes. The knowledge you absorb will give you a calm, confident start and a high probability of reading an e-mail with the title Client approved in the first week of work” – Agata promises.

“So, what do you think? Are we changing the trajectory of your professional path? Let roto, tracks, keys and cleanups be with you!”

Agata Nawrocka

Agata Nawrocka – has been in advertising business for over seven years. She has worked for the one of the biggest advertising agency in Poland as a motion designer.

Currently, she works as a freelancer in the advertising space, IT and short forms. In love with Nuke. She has also been sprinting within the realm of Adobe and Mocha. Never stops developing. Internally, slows down during yoga and meditation.

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