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Contest for a PZU SA preventive campaign

We are launching the PZU and Film Spring Open contest for the most interesting projects promoting a healthy lifestyle. We invite artists to share their ideas for a commercial spot, animation or a branded content film. Fifteen authors of the best proposals will receive scholarships worth 1,000 PLN each.

We are at a turning point. COVID-19 has changed everything that seemed constant and unchangeable. The subject of the PZU and FSO contest is the lack of social awareness of how a healthy lifestyle has a bigger impact on our health than genetic factors. For the last six months, we have been obsessing about our health. But it’s not enough to think about it — we must raise the alarm! A healthy life and consequently an increased immunity is a natural vaccine against COVID. Make films so vivid that they cannot be forgotten. Just like this quote by Aleksander Fredro, our contest motto: “Take care of your health, for when you die, you lose your life.” – says Sławomir Idziak.

The contest is open for all participants of the Film Spring Open 2020 Workshops. The participants must be at least 13 years old. The best projects will be executed during the Workshops by the Commercial Film Group, Painting Animation Group, Youtubers Group and Animation Group.

The competition task is to write a script and/or complement it with storyboards for audiovisual projects. The proposed ideas should promote a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. Before starting your work, please consult the competition brief and follow the guidelines included there.

How to enter the contest?

To enter the contest, please send an email with a completed form and „Konkurs PZU SA” in the subject line at biuro@filmspringopen.eu. The application must be sent no later than on 2 October 2020, 11:59 PM. Please indicate in which technique you would like your idea to be implemented. The results will be announced on 9 October 2020 on the Film Spring Open website and social media. Fifteen authors of the best propositions will receive scholarships worth 1,000 PLN each. The exact rules of participation are specified in the Terms and Conditions.

Promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle is a special area of PZU’s social involvement. We encourage Poles to exercise, change their eating habits, do medical check-ups and take care of their mental well-being so that each of us can enjoy a long life in good health. For years PZU has been supporting running events and various pro-health campaigns. We also cooperate with medical institutions and organisations promoting health and physical activity.





The contest is financed from preventive funds of PZU SA.

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