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Fantastic worlds of UNIT9

UNIT9, a global production partner for the world’s biggest brands is visiting our workshop and delivering a lecture “Fantastic worlds of UNIT9” and a presentation of their VR and AR projects.

UNIT9 is an interactive production company that creates innovative elements of global advertising campaigns for the world’s largest agencies and their clients. Their offices are located in London, NY, LA, Berlin and Florence.

Their specialized teams work with experiental & live advertising, VR and AR, create film content for TV, social web, mobile and installations, they design and develop for the web and mobile (data visualization, UX/UI, Big Data, Internet of things), create games and gamification platforms. Also, they create projects that link all these worlds.

They will tell you more about their interactive VR and AR projects for the global campaigns of brands. During UNIT9’s two-day visit there will be a stand where you can check out their projects. All lectures and presentations are open to all our participants. Please remember to register for our Workshop by the 5th of October.

Source: https://www.unit9.com

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