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Agata Nawrocka

“We’ll do it in post” episode 04 or NUKE, The Art of Visual Effects Group with Agata Nawrocka

We invite you to sign up for NUKE, The Art of Visual Effects Group. The mentor will be Agata Nawrocka, a visual effects specialist, and a technological partner – The Foundry, the creator of the NUKE, advanced software for digital image processing and composition in the post-production process.

Note: the most involved person in the Group will receive a year-long student license of the program !!!

Agata Nawrocka w Cinebusie

Photo by Monika Mamoń

This year we’re going outdoors with the camera asking the Film Spring world some fundamental questions, such as: “What is life all about?”, “What are you dreaming about?”, “Is this a daydream?”or “Will we make a movie together?”

– announces nawROCKa, aka Agata Nawrocka.

It is worth taking matters into ones own hands, so we will change the registered reality visually & EFFECTIVELY in post.  It will be happening, RAM is already warming up, we are making a movie!

Photo by Filip Błażejowski

What will you learn?


– creating a brief,

– planning shots in the production program,

– solving visual issues,

– preparation for the plan.


– answering the question of how to communicate in order to be well understood,

– VFX decision making in working with the camera on the set.


– logistics of activities,

– work at NUKE,

– selection of the compositing method to solve a problem.

Photos by Franciszek Matysik & Filip Błażejowski

And now, after the substantive description, the time has come for an important question, which is: “So, what are we going to do with all of these?”. And the fundamental answer (and here I will suggest the best one) is: “We will make an effect!”.

NawROCKA will be looking for you in our beloved Krakow, on our famous and unique in its glory movie Hill! Let rotos and tracks be with you!

– invites the leader.

Agata Nawrocka /Jakub Wittchen

Agata Nawrocka: has been in the advertising business already for a couple of years. She has worked on big advertising projects as a motion designer for GPD Advertising Agency and is in love with Nuke. She has also been sprinting within the realm of Adobe (for the past years, mainly AE+APr) and Mocha. Never stops developing. Internally, slows down during yoga and meditation. Privately, is returning to working with a camera as a director and producer.

Join us!

To register for the Film Spring Open Workshop click HERE.

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