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Film Spring WorkshopJuly 2014

Polish Society of Cinematographers offers scholarships for Film Spring Open Air!

Would you like to develop your skills in the art of cinematography? Discover new tools to experience how film language changes? Apply for Film Spring Open Air! The Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC), partner of this year’s edition, offers scholarships for selected participants!

As you know in this year’s programme we are planning a workshop of new digital image techniques, tests of the newest cameras that are on the market, a workshop of new production model focused on comparing current and innovative ways of working on a film set. We do not forget about 3D technology workshops. More about the programme here https://filmspringopen.eu/?page_id=86&lang=en

The Polish Society of Cinematographers from the very beginning of its foundation supports initiatives aimed to develop the art of filmmaking, particularly the art of cinematography. PSC helps to develop careers of a new generation of cinematographers. More information about PSC can be found at www.psc.pl 

This year the PSC offers scholarships for selected participants for Film Spring Open Air which include:

The cost of accommodation and meals at Przegorzały GuestHouse of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland for the time of Film Spring Open Air, that is from 1st to 10th October 2014 (does not include participants’ travel costs),

Exemption of registration/tuition fees for FSO. 


Number of places (scholarships) is limited. Selection of participants will be carried out together with the PSC among the applicants for Film Spring Open Air. 

Join us! 

1. Fill out the registration form for Film Spring Open Air here http://www.filmspringopen.eu/festival-admin-festivalid-1006.html in the notes please write “PSC”


2. Send a request to benefit from PSC scholarships to Maciej Wernio at sekretarz@psc.pl

Call for applications till September 5th, 2014!

Looking forward to hear from you!

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