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Reżyserka Jagoda Szelc wykłada podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open

Join the Film Script Open Group with Jagoda Szelc!

This year, classes for scriptwriters will be held again during the Film Spring Open Workshop. Jagoda Szelc, a recognized Polish director, will be the supervisor.

The Film Script Open Group is dedicated to future film scriptwriters. The lecturer will share her own experience and knowledge, including the methods of the cooperation with cast and film crew.

This year’s theme is: “Methodologies of working on a film script.” During the workshop, the topic of the first associations will be discussed – the often overlooked stage of writing a film script. Students will learn about various writing methodologies, learn a lot about the psychology of the process of creating their own unique technique and recognizing the stages of work on a script.

aula wykładowa podczas wykładu Jagody Szelc

Photo by Marian Folga

We will laugh a lot and be surprised a lot!

– says Jagoda Szelc.

Traditionally, members of the group will develop ideas for film scripts. Working projects can be dedicated to both short and long films. The group may consist of a maximum of 30 people: 10 participants whose texts will be discussed and 20 auditors. The selected group members will develop their scripts (based on the previously sent treatments) and discuss with other participants the ideas for each scene. Their work will also be supported by lectures by eminent specialists.

Jagoda Szelc podczas wykładu na auli podczas warsztatów AV Plenerów Film Spring Open 2017

To be among the aforementioned ten, you need to send a treatment for a short or long feature film (up to 5 pages) to the following address: biuro@filmspringopen.eu, after registering for the workshop.

The application should contain your first and last name and a draft of the script.

The deadline for sending treatments is 20th September, 2022.

The results will be announced on 4th October, 2022 on the Film Spring Open Workshop website and in our social media.

Jagoda Szelc is a prizewinning screenwriter and director. Her film “Tower. A Bright Day” won the best screenplay and best directing debut awards at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia in 2017. Her second film “Monument” received a special prize at the OFF Camera Festival. Currently, she teaches at the Łódź Film School. She already was a Film Spring Open Workshop guest in 2017 and 2018 and during Film Spring Open 2020 she led the scriptwriting group for the first time.

This year’s Film Script Open Group was established with the support of the Creative Support Fund of the ZAiKS Authors’ Association. We sincerely thank our partners!

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