OFFmaster Group

Group tutor: Wiktor Obrok
The group is dedicated particularly for begginers and all filmmakers who want to get knowledge about camera and lighting equipment, and become experts in the near future.  The participants will learn about:
– digital camcorders (sizes, tonal range, color reproduction),
– the specificity of work on modern cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras,
– selection of lenses – specificity and differences of popular film and photographic optics
– recording formats and codecs,
– log functions and flat profiles,
– sound recording techniques,
– popular lighting systems,
– light modifiers,
– popular camera stabilizers – steadicam, rig, tripod, slider, camera ride (selection, work technique),
– color theory, white balance.
Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Wiktor Obrok – filmmaker and photographer. Founder of the Independent Film School OFFmaster. Wiktor runs his film studio in Krakow, Poland. He creates commercial films as well as original independent projects.