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Winada dla niepełnosprawnych w Cinebusie

Cinebus welcomes everyone!

Ever since the idea of Spring Film Open came to life, one of its main goals has been to offer accessible education. Our workshop has always been open to talented filmmakers in the making who could have applied for our workshops without having any formal education. This year the availability of our educational programme is gaining another dimension. Thanks to funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, we were able to install a platform on Cinebus that will allow participants with disabilities to board our mobile film studio. (We are also replacing the windows and improving the ventilation system, enhancing the comfort of work in Cinebus.)

Winada dla niepełnosprawnych w Cinebusie
Photo: Marta Dalecka

The hydraulic lift is mounted underneath the vehicle and remains out of the way until needed, offering maximum interior space. The up/down distance is 1 metre. Our lecture room, located in a tent adjacent to Cinebus, has already met the needs of people with disabilities so now we are fully prepared to welcome everyone on board.

What also matters is the fact that the platform will also be used to load film equipment onto the bus, which means more energy and time to spend with our dear participants.

See you in Cinebus!

Funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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