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The art of making award-winning documentaries on important subjects. Course online with dir. Hanna Polak (in progress)

Tutor:Hanna Polak

Course language: Polish, English

Course duration: 4 meetings /2h each

Working days/weekendweekends, working days

Number of people required to start the course: min. 2-3 people

Course price: 1095 PLN

If you are interested to attend the course, please send an email to: biuro@filmspringopen.eu

I’m pleased to invite you to a documentary course I’m honored to teach as part of Films Spring Open, which will focus on how to create award-winning documentaries on important topics.
During the four meetings of the course, I will share with you step-by-step my method of creating internationally acclaimed documentaries, which I have acquired over the past quarter century. I will present the issues simultaneously in a comprehensive manner, pointing out all aspects far beyond the film image itself, and at the same time in a detailed manner, highlighting important issues in each area of creative filmmaking. The key films that will be used for analysis are the Oscar- and Emmy-nominated “Children of Leningradsky,” the Producers Guild of America (PGA) Award-nominated “Something Better To Come,” shot over a 14-year period, and my latest film “Angels of Sinjar,” about the Yezidi genocide in Iraq, shot in some of the most difficult and inaccessible places on earth, often dangerous as well. In the film productions I’ll be discussing, I played many roles simultaneously: writer, cinematographer, director, editor, producer and co-producer.
The course will be held in the formula of “case studies” and will have a practical, interactive character, so as to meet the expectations of the course participants, while focusing on the challenges that you individually face in your work. Therefore, participants’ own projects that can be practically developed during the course are welcome, although not mandatory.
I look forward to meeting you at the Film Spring Open Documentary coursepol!
Depending on demand, courses can be conducted in Polish, English or Russian.

Hanna Polak

Watch the course teaser:


Auteur-director Hanna Polak has an Oscar and Emmy nominations under her belt for “Children of Leningradsky” and the Producer Guild of America nomination for “Something Better To Come”, amongst many other awards and accolades. Her emotional bond with her protagonists allows her to deliver visceral, poetic films that celebrate the power of human spirit and that portray the beauty of humanity in the most adverse circumstances.

As a producer, director, and/or cinematographer, Hanna has worked on various films, including Al – Tribute to Albert Maysles; Battle of Warsaw 1920 in 3D, Stone Silence, shot in Afghanistan; Officer’s Wife; Orange Sun; Faces of Homelessness, and others. Stone Silence won her “Artistic Mastery of Photographing” award at the Kiev Film Festival, for her cinematography.
Hanna’s works have been screened in festivals around the world, including Sundance, IDFA, True/False, FIPA, and they have appeared on major television networks, including HBO America, HBO Europe, Canal+, NHK, SVT, Yle, DR, and many others.

Hanna has lectured on film producing and documentary filmmaking at universities and workshops worldwide. She was an expert for the Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission and the Polish Ministry of Culture, evaluating documentary projects. Hanna is a member of the Producers Guild of America.

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