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“Personal branding in the art of acting” – course online with Julia Popkiewicz and Izabela Gałan

Tutor:Izabela Gałan

Level: advanced

Course language: Polish

Course duration: 5 meetings of 3 hours each (including a 10-minute break)

Working days/weekend: weekends, working days

Number of people required to start the course: 6 (maximum 12)

Course price: 960 PLN


Advanced course (only for professional actors – graduates or students of theatre and film schools).

During the online meetings, the actors attending the course, under the guidance of a casting director, will prepare their model email with an acting portfolio.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to thinking about casting as an important part of creative work on a film and what an actor/actress should know about how a model cast for a film is created. We will then discuss how an actress/actor can prepare well for a studio meeting and how to record a selfie – selftape + business card.

The casting director will share methods on how to analyse a scene for casting. During the workshop, we will analyse how an actress/actor can create “her own brand” and how she can adequately present themselves to the world; we will try to select together appropriate scenes for a selftape recording. As a result of the joint group workshop meetings and individual online discussions, each participant will prepare a video, on the basis of which you can prepare an email to promote your acting workshop.

The course will include five 3-hour meetings (with 6 people in a group); with more people there will be additional meetings extended with time for individual meetings. The workshop will be divided into a block of theoretical (lecture) classes and a block of practical classes under the supervision of the casting director. In addition, there will be individual online meetings twice – on the third and fifth classes (about 15-20 minutes of conversation).

Meeting dates: three in February and two in March 2024.

If you are interested in taking part in the course, please send a link with recorded one-minute selftape to biuro@filmspringopen.eu


Izabela Gałan – HR and talent development expert, soft skills trainer, mentor, coach.

Graduate of Psychology at the University of Wrocław. She has over 20 years of experience as a trainer of trainings conducted with the use of workshop method in the field of leadership, sales techniques, communication, public speaking, organisational culture building and management. building organisational culture and change management. Certified trainer of numerous internal trainings at Coca-Cola HBC, including conducting trainings for other trainers called “Train the trainer”. Accredited specialist Facet 5 tool – a system for researching professional personality, managerial profile.

Trainer of trainings according to the “7 Habits of Effective Action” methodology (Franklin Covey). Team coach (using the Team Coaching Lab method). Certified NLP Master Practitioner (Master Practitioner in NLP, Christina Hall, The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming). As Employee Development Leader and Talent Development Expert at Coca – Cola HBC from 2007 to 2018, she has successfully implemented many training and talent development programmes (Fast Track Programmes). Since 2018, as an Organisational Capacity Development Expert at the consulting company SJOS, she has been conducting consulting and training projects for executives in many industries (e.g. automotive, manufacturing, FMCG). She conducts mentoring sessions for company managements, but also has a extensive experience in “life coaching” of people wishing to develop their potential and make effective changes in their lives. She is passionate about developing people and enhancing their talents.

She has been involved in the artistic and journalistic world for years.

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