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“Meet Your Pitch – how best to pitch your film or series” – reż. Mateusz Rakowicz (registration open)

Tutor:Mateusz Rakowicz

Level: intermediate

Course language: Polish

Course duration: 4 spotkania x 1,5-2h

Working days/weekendweekends, working days

Number of people required to start the course: 8 (max.12)

Course price: 1815 PLN

If you are interested in attending the course, please send an email to biuro@filmspringopen.eu

Workshop online on preparing ptiching and presentations as well as moodboards for your film project.
The course online for directors and writers/directors.

  • What is a pitching?
  • Why is it done and when?
  • How do you prepare to present your film at the concept stage?
  • What is the difference between a pitchdeck presentation and a moodboard?
  • How AI can be used?
  • How and where is the best place to look for references for a presentation / moodboard?

These and other questions related to presenting film concepts in front of broadcasters, producers or committees in PISF will be answered by Mateusz Rakowicz during this course.

As a director/writer/creative producer, the presenter has conducted multiple pitches for streaming platforms and state film funding bodies in recent years. He will present methods, using specific examples from the films that have been made.

As part of the workshop, participants will prepare their own pitching and presentations for their film concepts together with the Tutor’s support . They will be able to present them in front of the whole group during the last two meetings and receive feedback from the author and the course participants.




Mateusz Rakowicz – Director, screenwriter, storyboard artist and producer.
Graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the Andrzej Wajda Film School.

He has been involved in film production for over two decades. He has created storyboards for films by Agnieszka Holland, Juliusz Machulski, Władysław Pasikowski and Krzystof Zanussi.

One of the directors of the feature film debut “Stacja Warszawa” (2013) and creator of short films, including the award-winning “Lighthouse Keeper” and “Romantik”.

Director and co-writer of the hit films “Najmro” (2021) and “Mother’s Day” (2023).

Co-author of the concept for the Canal+ series “Sortownia” (2023).

Creative producer of the feature film debut “Jeszcze Przed Świętami” (dir. Aleksandra Kułakowska & Maciej Prykowski / prod. Next Film, Robert Kijak).

Director of award-winning commercials and music videos.
Winner of the FRYDERYK award for directing the music video “Bang Bang” for Ania Dąbrowska.
Member of the Polish Filmmakers Association and the Directors Guild of Poland.

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