RAFAŁ GERLACH – “Animus” (Film Spring Open Previs 2013)

Fragmenty wersji roboczej filmu pełnometrażowego (draft version of a full-length feature). Reżyseria (directed by): Patryk Jurek Scenariusz (screenplay): Patryk Jurek & Rafał Gerlach Obsada (cast): Rafał Gerlach, Magdalena Lamparska, Sybilla Stachowiak, Tomasz Zaród, Marcin Montana, Marek Serafin, Marek Pituch, Tomasz Bieliński, Paweł Stasiuk 
Plot: Paweł Kędzierski (Raf Gerlach) works at the prosectorium, struggling with harsh reality and his own psyche impaired by the memories of his wife’s suicide. Once he gets involved in shady businesses of hospital’s managing director, his life becomes yet more unbearable and even the love of his girlfriend Dorota (Magdalena Lamparska) cannot save him from slipping into insanity.