The battles, shootings, car chases, explosions – we shoot action scenes

Stanisław Mąderek, director, screenwriter and independent filmmaker, will give you a lecture on how to create extremely difficult yet so loved by the audience action scenes. His talk, based on his vast experience with numerous photo shoots, will be illustrated by his own film material (though not only).

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Several-hour workshop on creating movie action scenes will be divided into the following thematic segments:

  • Preparation, safety, responsibility,
  • Hand-to-hand combat,
  • Fighting with melee weapons – including light swords 😉
  • Small-scale shootings,
  • Battle scenes,
  • Explosions and demolitions,
  • A chase including crashes and other accidents,
  • Computer effects – when necessary and when completely unnecessary.
Speaker’s archive

Please feel free to ask questions or bring your own film footage which you would like to discuss during the workshop.

Speaker’s archive
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