Arri Close up with Magnus von Horn and Michał Dymek

Recognized director Magnus von Horn and cinematographer Michał Dymek – responsible, among others for the photos of Jerzy Skolimowski’s “EO” will conduct classes within the Arri-Close up. The visual dramaturgy of character-driven movies. The participants of the group will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of the newest ARRI film camera, the ALEXA 35. […]

Animation gives you more options than a feature film!

We are happy to announce that this year’s Animation Group will be mentored by Mariusz Wilczyński, director of the award-winning “Kill it and leave this town”.He will be supported by Tomasz Siwiński, with whom you could also work with last year at Film Spring Open Workshop. Animation is not governed by such rules as a […]

Documentary Film Group: filming in a hostile environment

Hanna Polak, nominated for an Oscar and Emmy Awards, will share her personal experiences from working on her films with members of the Documentary Film Group. Oscar- and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Hanna Polak will share personal experiences from working on her documentaries, including the Oscar-nominated ”Children of Lenigradsky,” the Producers Guild of America Award-nominated ”Something Better […]

Wojciech Staroń will mentor the Sony Venice Shooting in Rough Conditions Group

We are announcing recruitment for the next section of the Film Spring Open Workshop. This year the Sony Venice Shooting in Rough Conditions Group will be led by Wojciech Staroń, cinematographer, director and screenwriter, creator of, among others, “Brothers” and “Argentine Lesson”. Participants will be provided with a Sony Venice 2 camera. As the equipment […]

Computer games as a space for filmmakers or the Video Games Group

Is there a place for filmmakers in the world of computer games? The leader of the Video Games Group during the Film Spring Open Workshop, proves that it is! During this Film Spring Open Workshop, classes for gaming fans will start again.The mentor of the Video Games Groupwill be Maciej Kunach from Bloober Team, who […]

Second edition of the Film Spring Open Hackathon for Wawel

We cordially invite you to participate in the next edition of the programming and film competition. The event, organized jointly with the Wawel Royal Castle, will last from 14th to 16th of October. You can win RTX 3080 graphics card! Second edition of the Film Spring Open Hackathon for Wawel will be part of the […]

Get in touch with virtual reality in the Canon Virtual & Augmeted Reality Group!

We invite you to join the Virtual & Augmeted Reality Group, which will be supervised by one of the veterans of the Film Spring Open Workshop, Konrad Ziaja. This year, the participants and their guardian will focus on creating interactive virtual reality films that give the viewer the opportunity to interfere with the plot. During […]

Join the Film Script Open Group with Jagoda Szelc!

Reżyserka Jagoda Szelc wykłada podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open

This year, classes for scriptwriters will be held again during the Film Spring Open Workshop. Jagoda Szelc, a recognized Polish director, will be the supervisor. The Film Script Open Group is dedicated to future film scriptwriters. The lecturer will share her own experience and knowledge, including the methods of the cooperation with cast and film […]

Win a scholarship and join the Music Videos Group with Lanberry and Tadeusz Śliwa!

We announce a competition for the best video script for the song “Królewna” performed by Lanberry. The winner will receive a scholarship to participate in the Film Spring Open Workshop and an invitation to the Music Videos Group, which this year will be supervised by Tadeusz Śliwa, an award-winning author of commercials and music videos. […]