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We are announcing recruitment for an online course with director Mateusz Rakowicz: “FROM WORDS TO IMAGE, or why it is worth drawing a script
We invite you to sign up for the SFX Make-up and Puppet Animation Group, which is the result of cooperation between Dorota and Jakub
Sign up for the Film Music Group!Its mentor, Magda Miśka-Jackowska, belongs to a small group of professional European journalists whose specialization is film music.
Thematic groups supervised by specialists, masterclasses, screenings of awarded films and meetings with filmmakers. Film Spring Open Workshop will take place from 11th to
We invite you to register for the CGI and Modern Editing Group. Its mentor will be Kuba Sobek, video producer, the author of trailers,
Krzysztof Ochman, author of commercials and documentary films will be the mentor of the Sony Xperia Group. How to Create and Promote Content with
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