Połacznia nełrobiologiczne - grafika

Neurobiology of creativity. For love of the Brain

There is no heart in the artistic work. An epiphany, love for the project, creative impotence, or eureka effect are all the products of the various parts of the same organ: the brain. How to use consciously the left or the right brain in the creative process? How to develop and take care of each half?

Starting with the diet for the body and mind and ending with physical activity, which facilitates neurogenesis; from the techniques of the control of inspiration to the ability to lose inspiration consciously. Neurobiology of creativity; for love of the Brain concerns both bright and dark side of creative work. Presents links between processes which allow to have a look at creativity-life-ourselves in a holistic way.

In other words, assuming that creativity is a pet, would you like to have a cat or a dog?

Would you like to train it? And should you have it trimmed?A lecture on neurobiology of creativity awaits you all during Film Spring Open-Air. We hope that it will inspire you and help you with your work during our film workshop as well as in the future.

Połacznia nełrobiologiczne - grafika
Cortical Columns by Greg A. Dunn

Neurobiolgy of creativity; for love of the Brain is an original concept by Kas Zawadowicz, having its roots in her experience as well as inspiring sources such as “The Lab Rat Chronicles” by Kelly Lambert Phd, writings of Steven Hawking, Judith Weson or Juli Cameron.

Text: Kas Zawadowicz

Editing and Translation: Film Spring Open

Photo: Cortical Columns by Greg A.Dunn

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