Join one of the Film Spring Workshop’s creative groups – GAME JAM – GAME DEVELOPERS AND FILMMAKERS and enter the game.

Dwie osoby montuja film w montażowni podczas warsztatów audiowizualnych Plenerów Film Spring Open

Are you a filmmaker fascinated by the world of video games? Do you have ideas for games but somehow you have had no one to share them with? Would you like to tell the original story through an attractive interactive video game but you don’t know how to do this? Let’s work on this in Game Jam Group, headed by a veteran of the video game industry, an excellent game developer, Maciej Miąsik.

Warsztaty FSO, fot. Joanna Pieczara
Film Spring workshop. Photo: Joanna Pieczara

Send us a short pitch (max 3-4 pages) of your idea covering the whole game or its narrative part. Submitted ideas will be the subject of our workshops. We will analyse, discuss, and, above all, transform your projects into full-fledged concepts that can be realized within the booming video-game industry in Poland.

If you are interested, please send your work to:

Maciej Miąsik

Programmer, producer, designer, sound engineer and graphic designer. Without false humbleness he calls himself one of the founding fathers of the Polish computer game industry. At present, he is the head of The Witcher game production – the biggest production in the history of Polish computer games.