Daniel Rusin. Zdjęcie: Filip Błażejowski

LG YouTubers group. Be smart, use your smartphone to make a film.

We are happy to invite you to participate in the LG YouTubers group – a group of young internet creators led by Daniel Rusin, known to many of you as Reżyser Życia/the Director of Life. The strategic partner of the group is LG. 

The Internet is a specific place, so it requires specific content and specific approach to its production. On the  Reżyser Życia channel we can watch social experiments, feature etudes and other creative forms. In addition to the YouTube portal, Daniel Rusin, specializes in advertising, especially in cooperation with influencers.

This year, participants of the LG YouTubers group will have at their disposal the latest flagship models of LG smartphones, Moza Mini-MI stabilizers from Mitoya and professional lighting provided by the Film Spring Workshop.

Daniel Rusin. Zdjęcie: Filip Błażejowski
Daniel Rusin. Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Group participants can also enjoy a very rich educational offer of the enire workshop. The film made during the workshop will be published on the Reżyser Życia YT channel.

We have always been following trends in the audiovisual industry, hence, in response to the rapid increase in the importance and quality of videos on the Internet, their wide presence in our program for the last couple of years.

Join the LG YouTubers group and make a great film using smartphones!

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