FSO this is it, I love it!

Dear Filmspringers, we receive beautiful messages, we read about your prospective projects, we watch your great trailers! Special thanks for lovely kind words to our faithful FSO participants. Here are some quotes of their feedback…

Agata Nawrocka “It’s great to have a place in the world that inspires and motivates to take action. Meet the people who feel the same way and share the same passion. It’s great to once again believe in creativity and talent. It’s great to love the image. Thank you, Film Spring Open . My little paradise on earth. (…) You helped me a lot. I’ve loved you so much since two years already, at the same time I developed tons, my visual awareness has increased, knowledge as well. I want more and more. Film world is growing at a tremendous speed. All the time you have to be watchful. Forms and possibilities of presenting the image are numerous, not to mention equipment that is at your feet. We live in very good times for filmmakers only our imagination limits us. And it’s frighteningly beautiful. I can’t wait!”

Mateusz Mularski “Film Spring Open is my personal sandpit. Every day my family and close friends treat me as a bit of a movie freak. Once a year I get in a place full of the same freaks like me. For me the magic of FSO is not just about the access to (…) equipment, or brilliant lectures (which is of course great), but the fact that, thanks to creative atmosphere and the people who are there it all opens in my head spaces of which the existence I have never known. Especially at FSO I develop my imagination trying things that in other circumstances I probably would have never tries and create a new quality within yourself which then translates into a really professional job as a reporter and cinematographer. Nowhere you can find a place in the world where during the farewell party a group (…) is swimming in the mud (in the pool) until the morning because they want to finish the project. Or some “unidentified” team uses smoke machine (…) because they want to get a high-key effect. Nowhere! Why? Because it is a passion for the film in its purest and uncontaminated form! My dear FilmSpringers – the ones that create this Film Woodstock every day and the ones who come at FSO, Mateusz says many, many thanks for being out there!”

Andrzej Staś Szypulski “FSO this is it, I love it! Naturally, of course, yes, there is no other option, I apply for participation at Film Spring Open Air 2014. (…) Before I first came at FSO I felt a bit lost and unsure whether it’s worth it, and whether it’s something for me etc. Fortunately, I made the step into the unknown, I took a chance and now I am very happy with it.”

Katarzyna Średnicka “It’s great that you give such a huge choice in the program, and that you create Film Spring Open and invite such guests! Just like a year ago I had to let go and couldn’t come for Camerimage but for FSO – NEVER! I terribly can’t wait FSO!”

Tomasz Soliński “FSO has been a part of my life for almost ten years now, and due to the fact that one day I just turned up at FSO, I turned my life on film tracks ;)”

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Photo: Jarosław Jaworski
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