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📢 The Spring Flash Mob 2019 ❤️ 🎬 🎥 Watch it! Because already in October 2019, at our Film Spring Open Workshop in 2020, you predicted that Pandemic is coming. But it doesn’t have to be the last FlashMob on FSO. Let’s keep doing this. Record with your cameras your time during the epidemic. Send your craziest video and we promise to edit “FSO FlashMob in the time of Coronavirus” Remote FlashMob! We also authorize you to recut the current version edited by Mateusz Wilk. You can insert your own materials, key in your content on green screens or add animations. Let’s use this time! We cannot give up due to the script written by Nature. We at our FSO Foundation are ready to shoot safety films during the epidemic  Read and write what you think! We do look forward to your films, comments, and ideas “How do you imagine Film Spring Open Workshop in 2020”?
Editor, post.: Mateusz Wilk
Dir.: Tomasz Soliński, Mateusz Świderski

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