Film Spring Open – Lab of the audiovisual future. Welcome to the 2020 Film Spring Open Workshop!

Registration for the anniversary – fifteenth Film Spring Open workshop, which will exceptionally take place online between 13-22.10.2020 is open!

The main topic in 2020 is “Modern, ecological and safe film and AV production in pandemic times “.

Film Spring Open is unique, a ten-day audiovisual workshop based on new technologies and tools. It is a laboratory of innovation where new ideas emerge based on technological novelties audiovisual industry has to offer. It is addressed to filmmakers, students and enthusiasts who, under the guidance of specialists consult and learn new technologies, enriching their artistic and technical skills and mainly develop joint audiovisual projects.

Photo: Joanna Pieczara
“We are ahead of trends and stimulate participants to look into the future of AV art. We are intensifying creativity by linking art, science and business.” – says Sławomir Idziak, the creator of the Film Spring Open Workshop.

For whom?

Every year the FSO workshops are attended by around 350 filmmakers, students, graduates, representatives of all AV activity fields and professions: producers, screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, composers, set designers, actors, editors, sound engineers, composers, VFX specialists, animators, Youtubers, producers, costume designers, make-up artists, technicians, film experts, but also representatives of professions that that have an impact for future of the audiovisual industry: programmers, computer graphic designers, game developers, VR and AR specialists, video bloggers, stereographers.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski / FSO

Our Program – Film Making Festival

Our Educational Strategy is learning by doing – shooting films and AV projects during the FSO workshops, under the supervision of outstanding specialists in dedicated groups on various types of audiovisual art. In 2020 we are planning to organize groups for documentaries, animation, commercials, interactive films, projects shot in the virtual set, and audiovisual projects for the Internet audience as well. And as every year, there will be VR, AR, CGI, and modern editing group.

Lectures, discussions, and consultations for young filmmakers, artists, students, and enthusiasts in 2020 will be held online.

Montażownia podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open. Warsztaty z animacji Cinema 4D
Fot. Filip Błażejowski

Online – How it is supposed to work

  • Work in creative groups in the form of Videoconferences. Participants registered in a given dedicated group will be able to consult and develop their individual projects in a group or during individual sessions.
  • We’ll offer individual consultation not only during the FSO workshop but throughout the whole year.
  • Online lectures of “stars” and outstanding professionals. Every year we invite outstanding artists and technicians whose movies and AV projects determine the future development of our industry.
  • At the end of the workshop, we’ll organize a joint screening of films, tests, AV projects made during the workshop by the participants.
  • We’ll promote our participants’ achievements. They will be able to stream their projects online as part of the ‘You Can Do It’ screening.
  • Evenings, we will organize a series of discussions ‘Shoot It!’ on topics which directly affecting young audiovisual creators.
Photo: Filip Błażejowski / FSO


  • Moreover, thanks to our Technology Partners, we plan to organize equipment workshops, demonstrations of the latest equipment and solutions.
  • Moreover, our technology partners – audiovisual equipment rentals in various only Polish cities (sorry for that) have promised to lend selected equipment and their services free of charge to our participants.

Admissions rules

Due to the limited number of places in a group, participants must register for a specific one or two groups. Acceptance criteria will be based on the candidate’s cv. This rule will apply in particular to the script + treatments of the script and to the other groups on the basis of CVs and links to participants projects and films.


Very soon, we will invite you to contests sponsored by our Partners.

Join us in 2020!

You can sign up for the FSO workshop:

Duration: 10 days (Oct 13– Oct 22, 2020)
Venue: Costs – its free

Film Spring Open Workshop 2020

Co-funded: by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, Polish Film Institute, The City of Krakow

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