Mobile Audiovisual Course


The aim of the Film Spring Open audiovisual education program is to introduce students to the rapidly growing market for multimedia communication. We believe that, currently every field of science requires elementary and modern audiovisual education. We propose a model of mobile education aimed at students and professionals in various fields. We offer lectures by professionals, working in the market of multimedia communication.


Dates 12-21.10.2021


Dom Gościnny Wolski (Przegorzały)/ Guest House Wolski (Przegorzały)
Polska, Kraków, Małopolska
ul. Jodłowa 13
30-252 Kraków


A one-week audiovisual course conducted inside the Cinebus –which is a multifaced audiovisual tool aimed at producing movies and education within the field of movie making.

The participants are going to create a short movie about religious phenomena (Churches, minorities, sects) in the Małopolska region. They will be guided throughout the film production starting with the scenario, shooting and postproduction. Everything will be effectuated by the most modern and sophisticated audiovisual equipment.

The results will consist in a documentary short movie made by the course participants on the subject belonging to the domain of studies in religion. The final effect will also constitute a showreel for a larger project of documenting religion in Poland (WAR – Virtual Almanach of Religion).

The aim of the course is to give the participants access to the newest audiovisual equipment (camera, editing & postproduction programs) learning through work. Additionally the course will be accompanied by a theoretical series of lectures about narrativity in relationship to religion. The fusion of theoretical reflection, with technical training and active practice in mutual work can result with a highly interesting perspective able to express the rich (religious) culture of Małopolska.