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Wojciech Staroń will mentor the Sony Venice Shooting in Rough Conditions Group

We are announcing recruitment for the next section of the Film Spring Open Workshop. This year the Sony Venice Shooting in Rough Conditions Group will be led by Wojciech Staroń, cinematographer, director and screenwriter, creator of, among others, “Brothers” and “Argentine Lesson”.

Participants will be provided with a Sony Venice 2 camera. As the equipment manufacturer writes, the camera provides “even better highlight roll-off and a mega amount of detail in the shadows, in the dark, and in the available light”. They will be able to try it out during evening and night shots, and when shooting mastershots.

Fot. Filip Błażejowski

The Sony Venice Shooting in Rough Conditions Group plan:

  • familiarizing yourself with the camera – analysis of the menu and all functions;
  • examination of the range of useful sensitivity – camera tests at high and low illumination key;
  • analysis of the best camera settings during color correction and cinema projection;
  • depth of field analysis / optics testing in full frame format;
  • shooting evening and night scenes with the minimum level of lighting and using generally available light sources;
  • shooting indoor and outdoor daytime scenes using only natural light;
  • shooting a mastershot – introducing the concept of mise-en-scene and editing, production of one-shot scenes by participants.


Wojciech Staroń: cinematographer and director, graduate of the Łódź Film School, traveler. Winner of numerous awards, among others Golden Frog at Camerimage Festival 2006, Silver Bear at Berlinale 2011, Polish Film Award 2014 and Polish Society of Cinematographers Award 2018. He started as a camera operator for My Nikifor, later worked as a director of photography for “Papusza”, “Saviour Square”, “Birds Are Singing in Kigali”. He directed several documentaries: “Brothers”, “Siberian Lesson” and “Argentinian Lesson”. In 2014 he was appointed an expert at the Polish Film Institute

Fot. Filip Błażejowski

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