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Ida Kat Balslev, Adriano Mantova, Jakub Jasiukiewicz, Leander Ott na planie Plenerów Film Spring Open. Fot. Marian Folga

What you should know before coming to the Film Spring Workshop 2017

The difference between the Film Spring Workshop and other festivals and typical workshops is that our educational program is focused on study work on film projects. Our partners provide equipment (cameras, light, computers and post-production programs) so that participants under the guidance of our tutors can test new techniques and improve the language of short stories in dedicated groups.

We are not producers.

We do not provide production services (stage design, organization, etc.) The exception is charity project “Noble Pack”.

Equipment – conditions of rental:

We do not quarantee that everyone will receive the equipment because we depend upon our Technology Partners. However, every year we have had enough equpiment for everyone and this year we have more equpipment than ever before.

To rent the equipment you need to fulfil a form containing a description of the Project, as well as a list of people participating in the project. The members of the production team can only be the participants of the Film Spring Workshop. Each exception should be accepted by the Group Tutor or the Producer – Marta Dalecka.

The decision about rental is based on the aforementioned document and made by a Group Tutor or (in the case of independent projects) Sławomir Idziak or Producer Marta Dalecka. Please keep this in mind. This year, the equipment and also the use of editing room, will be made available only on the basis of this document. The rental period and type of equipment will also be agreed on the basis of this document in the agreement of the tutors of the groups with the managers of individual rentals.

Forms and organization of work in dedicated groups:

Each group has its own dedicated sub-page, which will facilitate communication and information flow only for registered and logged participants. Group page has built-in:

– a calendar of events for the group including information on where and when meetings will be held,

– discussion forum for participants of the group,

– the equipment rental form together with the description of the project.

Entries for dedicated groups

Entries for dedicated groups (excluding the script group) will take place just after the inaugural lecture. You can also participate in two groups. We urge your potential projects to be described beforehand in the Form, not to waste time during the Workshop, but also to give the the group tutoors more time to read them.

How to find people and projects to work together

You can also find projects and people to collaborate with using our Spring Open Workshop event on Facebook. We will also post about the workshop and its organization till the end of the Workshop so its useful to use it. https://www.facebook.com/events/430130254039425/permalink/466316423754141/

During the Workshop there will be also traditional information boards placed in the lobby of the main building where you can pin your announcements.

Besides that, always and everywhere during the Workshop. Remember, networking is the key to success!

Allegro Contest

The Allegro scholarship contest has been settled but we want to reminded you that Allegro is looking for ambitious projects that could be supported in the future. Keep this in mind when making your videos during Film spring Workshop

Creative Starter Allegro_Polish Legends

Creative Starter Allegro_what are you looking for

Natasza Urbańska at Film Spring Workshop

Natasha is ready to come and participate in a filming of a Punk People video if she evaluates the project positively. You can find the track here:


You should send these projects to biuro@filmspringopen.eu

Music to your videos

A group of young composers Music Film Scoring  is interested in writing soundtrack for your projects.

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