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We invite to join Sony Xperia Youtubers Group at Film Spring Open 2019

Blogger Konrad Kruczkowski will lead Sony Xperia Youtubers Group at the Film Spring Open 2019. We invite everyone who wants to start a journey as an internet video creator!

YouTube has become a platform to screen big premieres, show content transferred from television and cinema, and an important channel of distribution. It enables to build a community around an artist and to develop new financing models. YouTube productions can move, entertain, tell stories, engage and sell. During our workshops we will show you how to create such content, and prove to you that to a great extent, all you need is a mobile device. The group participants will be provided with the most recent Sony Xperia phones, created as professional tools for filmmakers, especially YouTubers.

Fot. Filip Błażejowski

Konrad Kruczkowski – blogger, reporter. Winner of the awards: Blog of the Year 2013, twice Blog Forum Gdańsk Award for Blogger Socially Responsible. For the reportage “We are deaf” honored with the “Newsweek” Teresa Torańska Award. For the reportage on parenthood and exclusion, he was nominated for the Journalists of Małopolska Award and awarded the statuette of the Social Campaign of the Year 2016. Author of the books “Hello Human. Talks about what is important” and the collection of reportages “Halo Dad “. He manages the Communication Department at the Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Box Foundation ).

Group will be working on Xperia 1. Xperia 1 is a smartphone with innovative professional screen, camera and audio knew from the best equipment by Sony brand, as well as first in the world OLED 4K HDR CinemaWide™ display with 21:9 image proportion and professional system of three cameras.

Fot. Daniel Rusin

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