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The 16th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop is starting in less than a week!

For the 16th time we invite all audiovisual authors to participate in the Film Spring Open Workshop, which will take place between October 12 and 21, 2021. Here is our programme.

Poster -prof. Maja Wolna

The heart of the festival are thematic groups led by renowned artists and technicians.

  • Film Scriptwriting Group

It will be mentored by Jagoda Szelc, screenwriter and director honoured with the Golden Lions for her debut “Tower. A Bright Day”. The author will answer the nagging question: “Where to start?”.

  • Sony Venice Group

Marcin Koszałka, a recognized and award-winning cinematographer and director, will be the guide to feature cinema. The filmmaker will use the short story “Bloody Lolo” by Łukasz Orbitowski and will invite participants to shoot a complete short film based on it.

  • Canon Documentary Group

The group will be looked after by Hanna Polak, a well-known documentary filmmaker and charity activist, nominated for an Oscar for the film “The Children of Leningradsky”. The author will talk about her own approach to creative storytelling and reveal a recipe for valuable cinema vérité.

  • Animation Group

It will be supervised by Tomasz Siwiński, author of “A Blue Room” awarded with the Silver Hobby-Horse at the Krakow Film Festival. The director invites you to create short opening sequence on the greatest challenges of today.

  • Commercial Film Group

We entrust marketing enthusiasts to Jan Cieślar, a multiple winner of the most important advertising festivals. He will talk, among others, on post-advertising, the economy of attention and the constant discovery of new media.

  • Music Videos Group

It will be headed by Konrad Aksinowicz, director of “Return to Legoland” and author of music videos for artists such as Brodka, Margaret and Doda. Participants will learn, among other things, how to avoid falling into (re)creative clichés.

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality Group

Its members will be guided by the regulars of the Film Spring Open Workshop, Konrad Ziaja and Martn Demmer.Konrad will talk about his experiences in the implementation of AR content based on the production of the CinematicVR start-up.Martn, in turn, will introduce you to the secrets of volumetric film and photogrammetry for VR/AR storytelling.

  • Computer Games Group

It will be led by Maciej Kunach from the Bloober Team. Maciej, who is a former student of the Workshop will deal with the subject of film qualities of video games, guiding participants through the entire process of creating them.

  • Nature Films Group

It will be run by Artur Homan, a filmmaker, forester and photographer, a man who infects everyone with positive energy. During the workshops, participants will observe and film the animals, as well as edit previously shot materials.

  • NUKE the Art of Visual Effects Group

Agata Nawrocka, for whom the world of visual effects has no secrets, will be a mentor. nawROCKa will prepare the participants to work as a Motion Designer / Compositing Artist.

  • Interactive Narration Group

Florent Pallares, co-founder of the Red Eyes Cool film group, will be a supervisor again. Participants will be able to join ongoing international interactive projects.

  • ARRI Crime Movies Group

It will be mentored by Sławomir Idziak, a world-renowned cinematographer and initiator of the Workshop, together with Martn Demmer. They want to shoot the scene with the participants, testing modern solutions for the genre film.

  • Youtubers Group

Participants will find out that all you need to make a movie is an idea and a mobile phone. The mentor, Konrad Kruczkowski, will teach them not only how to create video materials for the Internet, but also how to promote them in social media.

  • New Green Model Production Group

Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska will also guide her students through the meanders of film marketing advising participants to plan it from the beginning of production. Being aware that promotion is essential for young filmmakers, the mentor will encourage the participants to show their presence at the Workshop in an intriguing way.

  • OFFmaster Group

Under the supervision of Wiktor Obrok, the members of the Group will undergo intensive training in directing and cinematography. They will learn how to create a professional movie in the independent cinema system.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

During the Film Spring Open Workshop, there will also be:



  • “A pact with yourself and the world – a remedy for challenging times” – dr Jacek Santorski
  • “Artificial intelligence development perspectives” – prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska, Kozminski University
  • “Financing film production: established paths and new solutions” – Stanisław Zaborowski
  • “How to start and succeed as a producer” – Aneta Hickinbotham
  • “Methodologies of working on a film script” – Jagoda Szelc
  • “VFX & Motion Graphics with After Effects and Cinema 4D” – Robert Hranitzky
  • “Where to get music for my film? About ways of musical illustration for little or very little money” – Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska
  • etc.

Meetings accompanying film screenings:

  • Meeting with Dominika Trybulec and Kacper Świtalski, young authors of “Lila”, a film shot with a smartphone, a winner in the Film Your Story competition
  • Meeting with Hanna Polak and screening of “Something Better to Come”
  • Meeting with Konrad Aksionowicz and screening of the film “Return do Legoland”
  • Meeting with Mateusz Rakowicz and screening of the Polish box office hit, “Najmro. Loves, steals, respects”
  • Meeting with Rafał Kapeliński (director) and Marcin Koszałka (DOP) and screening of “A Woman at Night”
  • Meeting with the famous animation artist Mariusz Wilczyński and screening of the film ” Kill It and Leave This Town” awarded with Golden Lions in Gdynia
  • Meeting with the outstanding documentary filmmaker Paweł Łoziński and screening of his “The Balcony Movie” awarded with the Grand Prix in Locarno
  • Meeting with Tomasz Habowski and screening of the film “Songs about love” awarded in Gdynia
  • Meeting with Tomasz Siwiński and screening of “Love in times of coal economy”


  • Sound workshops
  • Workshops with a small MovieBird MB 12 Vertical crane and an Elit head
  • Make-up workshops with Marian Folga
  • Animation Cinema 4D workshop with Robert Hranitzky
  • etc.

3. edition of Green Film Open Panel

Online discussion panel: representatives of the “Green Screen” project – Tim Wagendorp (Flanders Audiovisual Fund – Belgium), Zuzana Bieliková (Slovak Film Commission – Slovak), Luz Molina (Promálaga – Spain) and Niels Maier Maier Bros GmbH, Stanislaw Zaborowski (producer), dir. Florent Pallares, Sławomir Idziak.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

We invite you all!

Workshop daily programme

We kindly remind you that you can register to Film Spring Open Workshop.

For 16 years, we have been stimulating the industry’s future using new trends, formats and talents. We work with over 60 leading companies and corporations that provide modern computer equipment and applications worth EUR 3.5 million.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

We invite you behind the scenes of previous editions:

2020 online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WiMXm5C13I
2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eLnhs0QSa4&t

We would also like to remind you about this year’s Film Spring Open’s and the Wawel Royal Castle’s initiative – the Wawel Hackathon!

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