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Take part in the color correction workshop with Konrad Zięcina!

This year, as part of the Film Spring Open Workshop, there will be a color correction workshop with Konrad Zięcina, an award-winning specialist from Krakow. Participants will learn how to make audiovisual materials more attractive using digital filters, popularly known as LUTs.

LUTs can be loved, LUTs can be hated, but you can’t pass them by indifferently!

– that’s how Konrad Zięcina titles his classes.

Photo by Wiktoria Wędzicha

What will you learn?

Workshop description: LUTs are one of the most powerful tools in creating images, and at the same time one of the most misunderstood and misused. This masterclass is a comprehensive and practical workshop showing the process of creating, testing and using LUTs in film productions. Participants will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of LUTs, their technical characteristics and various applications in production and post-production environments.

We will also consider why we should not watch the footage in the LOG and, most importantly, learn to create and adapt LUTs that will best serve our creative and technical needs

– announces Konrad Zięcina.

Konrad Zięcina: film colorist stationed in Krakow, member of the Polish Film Colorists Association and founder of the image post-production studio REJBEL.STUDIO. Nominated for the award for the best film colorist, i.e. Colorist Awards, three times, in the following categories: documentary, commercial and short film. Every year, the films he works on are appreciated at Polish and international festivals.

We invite you to register for the Film Spring Open Workshop and to participate in the event! This year’s edition will be held in Krakow from 11th to 20th of October.

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