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Film Spring WorkshopOctober 2021

Konrad Kruczkowski will mentor the Youtubers Group

We invite you to sign up for the Youtubers Group! Konrad Kruczkowski, a blogger, reporter and master of short video forms, will be your guardian. He will give a lecture titled: “Do creators need ego? On the six pillars of self-esteem and why we don’t make movies as good...
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Bez kategoriiOctober 2019

We invite to join Sony Xperia Youtubers Group at Film Spring Open 2019

Blogger Konrad Kruczkowski will lead Sony Xperia Youtubers Group at the Film Spring Open 2019. We invite everyone who wants to start a journey as an internet video creator! YouTube has become a platform to screen big premieres, show content transferred from television and cinema, and an important channel...
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